Telstra Bigpond Email Login : How do I access my Telstra BigPond email?

Telstra Bigpond Email Login : How do I access my Telstra BigPond email?

To login into Telstra Bigpond Account, go to and click on the webmail link. Enter your BigPond username (or email address). Enter your password, then click ‘Log in’.

As an alternative to webmail, you can use email ‘client’ software on your computer or mobile device. Common examples of these include Outlook#, Thunderbird and Apple* Mail.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions for popular email clients and SmartPhones at You can find detailed instructions for specific mobile and tablet devices in our interactive guide at

Before you start

To get started, you’ll need your Telstra email address (this may be a Telstra managed domain or end in or and password. If you’re not sure what your email address is, sign in to My Telstra to find a list of your active mailboxes.

To sign in to My Telstra you’ll need your Telstra ID and password. Retrieve your Telstra ID or reset your password.

Once you’ve signed in to My Telstra:

  1. Go to Profile, located at the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Under Manage your profile, go to Account Settings, and select Manage mailboxes. This will list all the active mailboxes you currently have
  3. Use the email username to sign in to the mailbox you’d like to access

Sign in to Telstra webmail

There are two ways to access your webmail:

  • Go to Sign in to webmail in your browser, or
  • On any page, go to Sign in, located at the top right-hand corner and select Telstra Mail from the drop down menu.

Make sure you stay cybersafe

Read internet safety tips at abouttelstra/advice/internet Call us anytime for help on 13 3933.

Stay Safe Online

Before accessing your email or the internet, be sure to install the latest anti-virus and operating system software

Want to change your password?

  1. Go to Webmail main menu next to your email address, select Settings, then Accounts.
  2. Go to Change Password.
  3. Follow the prompts to Reset your password..

How to compose a new email

  1. Go to Compose new email, indicated by a plus (+) sign inside a circle located at the bottom right of the home screen
  2. A pop up or dialog box will open where you can add the recipients, the subject heading, and compose your email
  3. To Cc or Bcc a recipient, select the arrow (labelled show more recipient types) next to the ‘To recipients email address’ and enter their email address
  4. You can also attach a file and customise your message by formatting the font style, size and colour
  5. To send your email, select Send Message. The pop up or dialog window will close, and you’ll receive an alert notification advising message sent.

How to create a folder

  1. To add a new folder, go to Create new folder indicated by the plus (+) sign next to ‘Folders’
  2. A pop up or dialog box will open. Enter the name of the new folder you wish to create and select Ok
  3. Once created your new folder will appear in the Folder navigation region – you’ll receive an alert message Folder created.

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Where are my new folders?

  1. Your new folder will be listed under ‘Folders’.

How to sort by email type in your mailbox

  1. Go to Mailboxes in the Mailbox navigation region, then select Inbox
  2. Choose to sort by ‘All’, ‘Read’, ‘Unread’, ‘Archived’, ‘Deleted’, ‘Starred’ and ‘Not starred’ emails
  3. You can also search for specific emails using keywords by selecting Search indicated by a magnifying glass in the top right hander corner of the page
  4. You can also use the advanced search function by selecting the down arrow next to ‘Search’ to open message advanced search.