Sylveon VMAX, Umbreon VMAX, and Flareon VMAX Strategies from Sword & Shield—Evolving Skies

Sylveon VMAX, Umbreon VMAX, and Flareon VMAX Strategies from Sword & Shield—Evolving Skies

There’s a major draw of the new Eevee evolution TCG expansion: all the variations of Eevee are included as Pokémon and Pokémon VMAX. Not only is everyone in the family present, but they also appear to be quite capable of beating you.

So, to mix things up a bit, we’ve sent three extraordinary deck builders to this course with the challenge of building a deck from a Pokémon with one of these VMAX cards. Every Eevee evolves differently, but they all share a strong, cohesive attack. If you’ve ever wanted to see how many options you have to win a Pokémon TCG match, these three decks should give you some ideas.

Sylveon max out Reklev, Tord

Sylveon VMAX, a cute and formidable Psychic type, makes up the centre of my deck (since Fairy types are currently absent from the game). Even the Weakness of commonly used Pokémon like Urshifu VMAX will be taken advantage of by this energetic deck with striking design. The Max Harmony attack of Sylveon VMAX gets stronger for every Pokémon type on your bench, increasing up to 220 damage before your opponent’s Pokémon even gets the chance to evolve. To hit that tally, the bench must have five unique types of Pokémon at all times.

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The Sylveon VMAX Setup to End All Others

One Rayquaza VMAX, one Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, one Blaziken VMAX, one Octillery, and two Sylveon VMAX comprise the build according to the committee. Using Max Harmony, which requires having a Sylveon in the Active Spot, has no impact on the amount of damage dealt, as you will have one there regardless of the number of Sylveon VMAX set up. Additionally, the deck also contains an amazing attacker with type Zeraora V, who doesn’t share a type with anything else in the deck. If you need to add another bench-use Pokémon after a knockout, Zeraora V is there to support. When you start, you should strive to start with at least one Sylveon V and a Remoraid. You will receive an Evolution Incense to evolve Remoraid into Octillery on the following turn, thanks to Sylveon V’s Dream Gift Ability.

Octillery is the most important.

As you can see, every single one of these Pokémon are capable of a faster-than-normal attack. Octillery and the Tower of Waters Stadium go from having average cards to some of the best cards in the game. Every Pokémon in the deck can now Retreat for free because of Tower of Waters, and that gives you great mobility and attack options in the entire game.

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Octillery, as a support Pokémon, shines thanks to the inclusion of many Rapid Strike cards in the deck. Any Pokémon in your deck, on the field, or in the form of two different Energy cards can be found with Octillery’s Rapid Strike Search Ability. This deck, unlike some, includes a different option for Korrina’s Focus: Octillery. Utilizing Rapid Strike Search will help you consistently draw power on each turn. You’ll be better equipped to dig for cards like Boss’s Orders.

The Board serves as a guide.

On the field, having several different kinds of Pokémon increases your ability to identify and take advantage of your opponent’s Pokémon’s weaknesses. The Tower of Waters lets you easily swap your attackers to face each threat. Using Gale Thrust, Urshifu VMAX can inflict 150 damage with just one Energy. Max Harmony’s fully powered attack, combined with G-Max Rapid Flow, is nice for finishing off a damaged Pokémon VMAX. You’ll only need to use a single Energy card to fuel Blaziken VMAX’s Max Blaze attack, and this move can provide extra Energy to help your other attackers charge. It’s amazing how this attack successfully brings down fire-weak Pokémon, like Zacian V, while also creating a better board state. Use Professor’s Research, Quick Ball, or Azure Pulse in Rayquaza VMAX to discard Energy.

Even though Rayquaza-EX is theoretically able to fuel its V-MAX with its own Spiral Energy, its attack will ultimately use more Energy in the long run than what it gives back. In addition to helping boost Sylveon VMAX’s damage on Max Harmony, both Octillery and Rayquaza VMAX are only used for their extremely powerful Abilities.

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Sylveon with Maximum Energy Options

Colorless Energy’s usefulness in boosting Attackers’ power levels, even with their diverse attack types, lends extra power to this deck, so Capture Energy is a welcome addition. One of the key differences between modern and older Pokémon games is that communication no longer helps players start with basic Pokémon. If you want to get a handle on your game’s basic Pokémon, use Capture Energy.

This is crucial for fast-paced decks that rely on their big attacks. Using the required amount of Rapid Strike Energy for all of the deck’s Rapid Strike Pokémon helps with that a lot. Zeraora V, Sylveon VMAX, and Urshifu VMAX will have a two-Energy requirement to use their strongest moves.

Umbreon MEGA V MAX

Single Strike decks are generally unappealing to look at. A crucial method of building them in my mind is to dedicate all of one’s resources to consistency. I added four copies of Umbreon V, Umbreon VMAX, Houndour, and Houndoom for that very reason. The deck’s success hinges on these Pokémon, so let’s play fast to give them a powerful start! To assist with finding these Pokémon, we have the basic Quick Ball and Evolution Incense, as well as the astounding Capture Energy. As a result, this powerful capture Pokémon’s Colorless Energy in its attack cost will be perfect for an Umbreon VMAX deck. Piers is a card that can find all of these Pokémon, as well.

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