Sujet De Dissertation Sur Manon Lescaut

Sujet De Dissertation Sur Manon Lescaut

Manon Lescaut is a fascinating character from the novel by Abbé Prévost. Here’s an example of a dissertation topic related to her:

Title: “The Pleasure of Reading Manon Lescaut: Immorality and Beyond”

Introduction: The novel L’Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut narrates the tumultuous love affair between the chevalier des Grieux and Manon Lescaut. While Manon’s immorality can indeed be a source of pleasure for readers, it’s essential to recognize that other factors contribute to the enjoyment of this novel.


Manon Lescaut
  1. Manon’s Immorality as a Source of Pleasure:
    • Manon transgresses social norms and religious boundaries, which piques curiosity and engages readers.
    • Her luxurious lifestyle and prioritization of money over other values create intrigue.
    • Her inconstancy and multiple infidelities provide exciting plot twists.
  1. Beyond Immorality: Other Aspects of Pleasure:
    • Manon’s thirst for freedom resonates with readers who appreciate her rebellion against societal constraints.
    • The novel’s exploration of love, passion, and sacrifice adds depth beyond mere immorality.
    • The character of Manon Lescaut cannot be reduced solely to her immorality; her complexity contributes to the novel’s appeal.

Remember that when writing your dissertation, fully develop each point and provide textual evidence to support your arguments. Good luck! 😊

Can you recommend critical essays on Manon Lescaut?

Manon Lescaut, written by Abbé Prévost, has inspired numerous critical essays. Here are some resources you might find helpful:

  1. eNotes:
    • This website offers critical essays analyzing various aspects of the novel.
    • Explore themes, characters, and Prévost’s life in relation to the creation of Manon Lescaut.
  1. JSTOR:
    • The article “The Practical Side of Manon Lescaut” delves into the novel’s juxtaposition of passion and moral judgment.
    • It discusses the framework of the novel, contrasting Tiberge (representing the Highest Good) with the passionate Manon.
  1. JSTOR:
    • Another JSTOR article explores whether Manon is a femme fatale or a feminist heroine.
    • It highlights the novel’s enduring impact and its legacy alongside other literary works.

Feel free to explore these resources for deeper insights into Manon Lescaut! 😊

Can you summarize the critical reception of this novel over time?

Manon Lescaut, written by Abbé Prévost, has garnered significant attention and critical analysis over the years. Here are some key points:

  1. Authenticity and Realism:
    • Prévost set the novel in Paris, portraying actual places and institutions of the time.
    • By doing so, he created a sense of authenticity and satisfied readers’ interest in the city.
    • Paris represented a social milieu with strict class distinctions, a central theme in the novel.
  2. New Orleans as a Symbol:
    • In the New World, New Orleans symbolized a second chance for the ill-fated couple.
    • It offered hope of escaping rigid class boundaries, but their dreams were short-lived.
    • The colony’s rules prevented their marriage, leaving no place for them.
  3. The Desert’s Symbolism:
    • The desert, an imaginary region east of New Orleans, becomes the backdrop for Manon and des Grieux’s final moments.
    • It symbolizes their impossible happiness and des Grieux’s total loss.

In summary, Manon Lescaut continues to inspire critical reviews, adaptations, and fascination, rivaling other literary works like Liaisons dangereuses.

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