Rewards Card Activation Rewards Card Activation

To activate your Subway MyWay Rewards card, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website: Go to the My Way Rewards page on the Subway website.

2. Log in or create an account: If you already have a SUBWAY® card, log in to your account. If not, create a new account.

3. Add your card: Once logged in, navigate to the “Cards and Payment” section. Add your Subway MyWay™ Rewards Card by entering the numerals located on the back of the card.

4. Start earning rewards: Now you’re all set! Swipe your Subway MyWay Rewards Card at any SUBWAY® Restaurant, or order online using the Subway app or website

Remember, the Subway MyWay Rewards program offers personalized rewards based on your preferences. As you earn tokens, they add up to deliciously delightful discounts. Plus, you’ll receive little surprises when you least expect them! 🥪🎉

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What are the benefits of Subway MyWay Rewards?

The Subway MyWay Rewards program offers several benefits to loyal Subway customers. Here are some of the perks:

1. Earn Tokens: Every dollar spent at Subway earns you tokens. These tokens accumulate and can be redeemed for free food items.

2. Birthday Rewards: Enjoy a free 6-inch sub and a drink on your birthday when you’re a Subway MyWay Rewards member.

3. Exclusive Offers: Members receive special promotions, discounts, and personalized offers via email or the Subway app.

4. Easy Ordering: Use the Subway app or website to order ahead, customize your meal, and skip the line.

5. Surprise Rewards: Occasionally, Subway surprises members with additional rewards or discounts.

Remember to sign up and start earning rewards on your next visit! 🥪🎁 .

How much money can I load on a Subway® Card?

You can load the Subway® Card with any amount between $5 and $500. Please be aware that at any given time, the most value that may be loaded onto a single Subway® Card is $500.

A gift in really good taste. Card has no value until activated by cashier. Add it to the app! Add your Subway card to the app. Order ahead and pick up quick! RGCA member. FSC: Mix packaging.

Where can I buy a Subway® Card?

Physical Subway® Cards can be purchased at participating Subway® restaurant locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, online at or at authorized resellers, retail and online stores. eGift Cards can be purchased online at or from authorized reseller online stores. You can also buy Subway® Cards for bulk or corporate needs (see corporate cards section)

Keeping your Subway® Card loaded up is a great way to always have a delicious meal at your fingertips. You can reload your Subway® Card online at once you’ve registered or at any participating Subway® restaurant location

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