Steer on NBC com Activate Roku

Steer on NBC com Activate Roku

Roku channel store consist of the NBC com activate Roku app and this app enable the users to access the channels NBCSN, NBC, Golf Channel. Live sporting events telecasted on these channels are screened by just adding this app to the users, valid Roku Account using activate Roku code. The below steps will let you know how to add the channel to your Roku account. The procedure is similar for both the old devices and new Roku devices:

  • Connect the Roku streaming device to the TV using a HDMI cable
  • Connect the device to the availed network connectivity through an Ethernet cable else a Wi-Fi connection is used.
  • All the connected devices are switched on and the streaming device automatically starts to load.
  • In case of few new device language and the country of residence are entered before waiting for the software to download.
  • For old devices no such entries are required for the NBC com activate Roku process.

  Make sure you have activated your Roku account by using a valid for completing this add-on procedure successfully.

  •  You will be availed an alphanumeric code, an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Make a note of it and enter the activate Roku code into your Roku account.
  • Now the device is activated with the NBC com activate Roku app.
  • Turn off and on your television and check the access by entering the Roku channel store.
  • If still not able to access those NBC channels even after entering try repeating the steps.
  • Device once activated, add the NBC app to your Roku account either by your TV or by your PC or Smartphone using the Roku account.

Steps to activate through the TV

  • Access the settings menu by going to the HOME SCREEN using the remote.
  • Roku channel store is selected and the NBC app is browsed.
  • Click the ADD CHANNEL button.

Steps to activate via your PC

  • Select the SPORTS genre by entering the Roku channel store
  • The NBC app is searched under this category.
  • ADD CHANNEL button is selected.

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