Starz Login and Activate Account : How to Login and Activate Starz on Various Devices

Starz Login and Activate Account : How to Login and Activate Starz on Various Devices

With a deep library of visionary original series, curated hit movies and groundbreaking docuseries, STARZ brings diverse perspectives to life through bold storytelling.


If you’re already a STARZ subscriber through a TV provider, you can download the app right now and enjoy at no additional charge through your TV subscription. Or, subscribe to STARZ direct through the app and claim our special offer ($3/mo for 6 months). No other subscription to any other service is required.

Here’s what you get:

– Ad-Free Streaming

– Full downloads of series and movies

– Stream on up to 4 devices at a time

– New content added every week so there’s always something new to watch

– A different genre for every mood or occasion. Not only drama, comedy, western, and family, but sci-fi, action, adventure, documentary, film noir, romance, war, suspense, thriller, chiller, horror, fantasy, gangster, historical, musical, urban, mystery, magical, satirical, and, well…you get the picture.

Here’s what to do:

1) Download the STARZ app.

2) Claim your special $3/mo for 6 months offer. You can cancel at any time.

3) Create your STARZ profile and stream on Android devices or the web at

4) Enjoy STARZ at our special price $3/mo for 6 months, then just $8.99 per month

Unable to log in through cable or satellite provider on an Apple device

When trying to log in to STARZ through your cable or satellite provider, you may encounter one of the following messages when using an Apple device:

  • “Not authorized” error message
  • 401 error message
  • A message stating you have no subscription
  • Being prompted to accept Adobe

This is related to the automatic login setting on the Apple device. We recommend turning this setting off on your Apple device.

Steps to turn off automatic sign-in (SSO): 

  • From the device’s main menu
  • Go into settings
  • Select account
  • Select TV provider
  • A list of apps will be displayed
  • Find and select the STARZ app
  • Toggle that automatic login setting to off
  • Reopen the STARZ app
  • If prompted to accept Adobe, select yes
  • Log into the app

How to activate Starz on various devices

The activation method depends on the device you are using. Here is a guide for activating Starz on different devices:

How to activate Star on Roku


To activate Starz on Roku:

  • Sign in to your Roku device.
  • Go to Home on the device’s menu and select “Streaming Channels”.
  • Search for the Starz channel and then select “OK” to add it to the device.
  • Launch the channel and log in using your email address and password (used to sign up for the service).
  • Go to and enter the activation code on the TV screen on the provided box to activate the service.

How to activate Star on Amazon Fire devices

You can use a range of Amazon devices to stream your content. These include Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Amazon Fire tablet. To activate Starz on Amazon devices:-

  • Go to Home Screen on your device and launch the “Appstore
  • Search for the app and download it on the device
  • Launch the app on the device and log in using your email and password details
  • Go to and enter the activation code displayed on the device’s screen to activate the service and start streaming

How to activate Starz on Apple TV

To activate Starz on Apple TV:

  • Go to Home Screen on the Apple TV and launch the App Store
  • Search for the app and download it onto the device
  • Launch the app and login in with your account credentials (email and password)
  • Go to and enter the activation code displayed on the Apple TV screen and click submit to activate the streaming service

How to activate Starz on Xfinity

To stream on Xfinity, you need an X1 set-top box. To activate the service on the box:

  • Press the “Guide” button on your device’s remote to display the main guide (channel listing)
  • Browse the guide and select the channel and add it to your favorites
  • Launch the channel and log in using your email and password
  • Go to and enter the activation code displayed on your screen

How to activate Starz on Sling TV

To watch Starz on Sling TV:

  • Sign in to your Sling TV account (or sign up for a new account if you are not a sling TV subscriber)
  • Go to “Change Subscription” in your account setting section
  • Click on the “+Select” button located next to “Starz
  • Click on “Submit Order” to add the channel to your Sling TV service

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