SSI Payment For December 2023

SSI Payment For December 2023

These are the days on which Social Security checks for the final month of December 2023 will be paid, taking this schedule into consideration. Since the December 29 payment is for January of the following year, it will already reflect the increased rate based on the cost of living adjustment that was decided in October for SSI beneficiaries.

Millions of United States citizens will be able to get a Social Security payment of $1800 in just a few hours if they qualify.

SSI funds are typically sent on the first of each month, in accordance with the SSA’s payment schedule. Payments are made on the final Friday of the preceding month, but, if the first day of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday. For SSI payments beginning in January 2024, this will be the situation.

Due to the weekend nature of January’s first day, the payment for that month will be issued on the final Friday of December, the prior month.

  • December 1: SSI recipients and beneficiaries who began receiving their payments before May 1997
  • December 13: Beneficiaries with a date of birth from the 1st to the 10th
  • December 20: Beneficiaries with a date of birth from the 11th to the 20th
  • December 27: Beneficiaries with a date of birth from the 21st to the 31st
  • December 29: SSI Recipients (January 2024 Payment)

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Check the Status of Your Social Security Benefits Claim Online

If you applied for Social Security benefits, or have a pending reconsideration or hearing request, you can check the status online using your personal my Social Security account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one to see the following information about your claim:

  • Date of filing.
  • Current claim location.
  • Scheduled hearing date and time.
  • Incomplete applications.
  • Servicing office location.
  • Publications of interest, depending on the claim and current step in the process.

Use your personal my Social Security account to check the status of your application or appeal. If you have questions about retirement, disability, Medicare, or survivors benefits, as well as Supplemental Security Income, visit the Benefits page.

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