sprint.com/sim Activate : How to Activate Sprint Phone SIM

sprint.com/sim Activate : How to Activate Sprint Phone SIM

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The following article teaches you how to activate Sprint phone for use on the Sprint network by using the given steps.

  • Preparing to Activate.

  • Activating a Replacement Phone.

  • Activating a New Phone.

How to Activate Sprint Phone : Preparing to Activate

Ensure to have an account for the phone. While switching over to an iPhone or an Android smartphone, it is necessary to have a iCloud or Gmail account set up, respectively. When there is no pre-account setup done, set one up before proceeding forward:-
  • iPhone — Create an iCloud account for the iPhone

  • Android — Create a Gmail account for the Android

Remove the old SIM card. This is necessary only when you are going to use the same phone number on the new phone as you have been using on the old one. You may skip the step while using a brand-new SIM card from Verizon.

Back up the old information in case it is necessary. While restoring an old phone’s information onto the new phone, back up the data to old phone’s cloud storage service or computer. Even if it is not required to use old phone’s information on the new phone, backing up the phone is always a better idea.

Find the phone’s MEID or IMEI number. While using a brand new phone, you can find the required number in the phone’s packaging or manual. Or try to find the MEID or IMEI number by dialing *#06#. In case of iPhone, find the required number in the “IMEI” or “MEID” heading of the “About” menu in the “General” section of the Settings app.

Turn off iMessage when required. If the old phone is an iPhone and while switching to an Android, you’ll required to disable iMessage on iPhone before proceeding further:

Open Settings.

Scroll down and tap Messages

Tap the green “iMessage” switch.

How to Activate Sprint Phone : Activating a Replacement Phone

Power off the old phone. Press and hold the “Power” button on the phone which you wish to replace and slide right the “slide to power off” switch in case of an iPhone or tap Power off for an Android

Install old phone’s SIM card in new phone. In case you wish to use old phone’s SIM card, remove it from the old phone and insert it into the new phone. Skip the step while using a new SIM card, or when the phone came with its own SIM card.

  • Charge the new phone to 100 percent. Plug in the phone into its charger and leave it for up to an hour, after checking the phone’s previous charge.

  • Turn on the phone to check its charge from time to time, but don’t perform any further setup steps.

  • Open Sprint’s Activate page. Go to sprint.com/activate in a computer web browser. Never use a phone’s web browser for the process.

  • Click Sign in to activate. Go to the yellow button at the bottom of the page.

  • Enter Sprint username and password. Type the Sprint username and password respectively into the “Username” and “Password” text boxes.

  • Tap Submit. Check for the box under the “Password” text box to open the Sprint Account page.

  • Scroll down and find the phone you wish to replace. Find the phone you wish to replace in the “About my devices” section of the Your account tab.

How to Activate Sprint Phone : Activating a New Phone

Find the phone’s serial number. The phone’s serial number is mostly found in the packaging or manual. It can be found on the the serial number on phone’s receipt when it is bought from a Sprint dealer.

Ensure to know the phone’s MEID or IMEI number. You must have found the IMEI or MEID number already. The number in conjunction with the phone’s serial number will help identify the phone to Sprint.