Somber Smithing Stone 6 : Activate and Find Somber Smithing Stone 6

Somber Smithing Stone 6 : Activate and Find Somber Smithing Stone 6

Elden Ring Smithing Stones are a valuable resource for improving your weapons and boosting them to +1 and higher. However, they are scarce, and as the tiers you require change, so will their availability in Elden Ring. You’ll need a lot to upgrade even a single weapon, and if you want to experiment with levelling up a few options, you’ll soon be scouring the Lands Between for all the different values and rarities you can find.


Tier 1 Smithing Stones will suffice at first, but once they’ve done their job, you’ll need Tier 2 and so on. Sombre Smithing Stones will eventually appear on the scene. As you explore and play through missions, you’ll always come across a point where you’re missing just the one you need. There are also areas that are teeming with them if you know where to look. And you’ll eventually be able to use them as a purchasing resource.

Elden Ring’s Upgrade Materials are Somber Smithing Stones. Somber Smithing Stones are used to improve one-of-a-kind weapons and shields. This page contains a complete list of all the Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring, including descriptions, locations, and usage information.

Activate and Find Somber Smithing Stone 6

Smithing Stones can be used to level up standard equipment to +10. You’ll need to go to a Blacksmith and get the appropriate level of Smithing Stone for your weapon’s current level.

Smithing Stones can be obtained through exploration; for a complete list, visit our Interactive Map and filter by “Upgrade Material.” For a complete list of locations, please see the individual Somber Smithing Stone pages listed in the table below.

Iji, the Smithing Master, sells a wide range of Somber Smithing Stones.

1-4 bought from Liurnia blacksmith Iji

5,6,7 in volcano manor after getting killed by academy Iron maiden

8,9 from base of Caelid divinr tower.

Ez +9 zero bosses defeated.

And can find runes needed from sleeping dragon.

Somber Smithing

Pretty quick way (IMO) to get a weapon to +6

(1) Limgrave Tunnels, growing somewhere (Can’t remember where).

(2) Find Blaidd and beat Darriwil, Blaidd will give it to you.

(3) Rare drops from the miners in Sellia Crystal Tunnel, the place that the chest in Dragon Burnt Ruins sends you to.

(4) Sellia Crystal Tunnel, growing somewhere (Can’t remember where).

(5) Sellia Crystal Tunnel, growing somewhere (Can’t remember where).

(6) Kill the boss of Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

So we are stuck at +6, but once you get the Somber (7), you can go straight to a +9 weapon relatively early compared to regular weapons. Earliest Somber (7) I’ve come across seems to be the one at Volcano Manor, like most others.

Somber (8) and (9) are pretty close to each other, and both can be found in Dragonbarrow.

(8) Roughly northeast on a scarab from the Dragonbarrow West grace.

(9) At the bottom of the Divine Tower you can see near where you killed the scarab, but outside. Relatively easy to get to, no need to drop down the cliff as there’s a path to it.

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