Sky Activate SIM : How do I activate my SKY SIM card?

Sky Activate SIM : How do I activate my SKY SIM card?

Once you’ve got yourself a Sky Mobile SIM, here are the first three things you should do to get yourself up and running.

Unlock your phone


To use your new SIM in a phone bought from a different network provider, you might need to contact them to unlock your phone. This should be the very first thing you check.

You’ll need to give your old provider your mobile number, the make/model of your phone and your IMEI number (you can get this by dialling *#06# on your phone).

It can take a few days for your phone to be unlocked, and some network providers may charge an unlocking fee.

Activate your SIM

Once your phone’s unlocked and your SIM’s arrived, make sure your Sky iD is linked to your Sky Mobile plan – all the information you need about this is in the email we sent you when you ordered your SIM.

Then follow these simple steps to activate your SIM:

  1. Go to and sign in with your Sky iD.
  2. Enter the seven-character Sky activation code that’s on your SIM.
  3. Select Activate SIM.
  4. Insert your SIM into your phone. The SIM comes in three different sizes – to find out which one you need, see our phone guides and settings and search for ‘SIM’.

Keep your number

You can only transfer your existing number once you’ve activated your SIM.

You’ll need to first request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your old network provider. Your PAC will be valid for 30 days so make sure you transfer your number within this time.

Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to com/keepmynumber and sign in with your Sky iD.
  2. Select the Keep my Number
  3. Enter the phone number you want to keep and your PAC.
  4. Select Keep my number.

It should take be the next working day if you send your request before 5pm Monday-Friday, and services like voicemail and picture messaging can take up to 24 hours to work after your number’s transferred.

Problems activating your SIM

Sky Mobile activation code example

Check you’ve entered the right 7-character Sky activation code.

You can also use the longer 19 digit SIM number which you’ll find below the activation code in your SIM packaging.

If it still doesn’t work, you might need to try another SIM card.

‘SIM not supported’ or ‘Network unlock code/PIN’

Check your phone isn’t locked to another mobile provider. If it’s locked, you might see one of these on-screen messages:

  • ‘SIM not supported’
  • ‘Please enter your network unlock code’
  • ‘Enter SIM network unlock PIN’

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