SIM Binding Enabled For YONO SBI : A Step Towards Enhanced Security

SIM Binding Enabled For YONO SBI : A Step Towards Enhanced Security

Please complete onetime YONO SBI app reeUation process with the SIM of registered mobile number (RMN) available on your phone


During the registration process, the RMN will be validated by sending one SMS from RMN to the mobile number 7718966316 of SBI.

Dear Customer, The YONO SBI App is now upgraded with enhanced security features. Older version will not work henceforth. Please upgrade to new version ONLY from Playstore/ AppStore.

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Q1. Do I need to upgrade my app?

Ans. : Yes, upgrade ONLY from App/Play Store version 1.23.40 for iOS and 1.23.41 for android respectively.

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Q2. Do I need to re register?

Ans. : Yes. In the process, an SMS has to be sent to 7718965316(for Android it is automatic and for iOS it has to be sent). Please ensure an active outgoing SMS facility with sufficient balance.

Q3. Do I need to re create MPIN?

Ans.: MPI N has to be reset again. You can retain the same MPIN if you want, but we suggest to change your existing MPIN.

Q4. What happens to my transactions scheduled for future?

Ans.: It will be executed as per the scheduled request, provided the account has the requisite balance

Q5. What happens to beneficiaries added?

Ans.: No change. The added beneficiaries remains as they are.

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Q6. What benefit do I get out of SIM Binding?

Ans.: Enhanced Security feature.

Q7. Will it impact performance of the app?

Ans : No impact on the performance of the App.

Q8. Are other Bank apps also undergoing this security upgrade?

Ans: Yes

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