ServiceWA App by Western Australians : Help Western Australians with WA’s Safe Transition

ServiceWA App by Western Australians : Help Western Australians with WA’s Safe Transition

WA’s Safe Transition has been made easier with the launch of the ServiceWA app, a free, convenient, and secure mobile application.


People can use the app to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccinations, check in at SafeWA businesses and venues, and access their G2G Pass for interstate travel – all in one convenient location.

What is the ServiceWA app?

The ServiceWA app is a mobile application provided by the WA Government to help connect with WA State Government services. Initially the ServiceWA app aims to assist the community during the COVID-19 transition, and aims to expand to include other services into the future. It is designed for Australian residents or citizens who live in WA or are regularly visiting WA. Email Sign In : Sign in to Your Comcast Email Account or Voicemail Service

The ServiceWA app allows you to activate and access the following WA Government services in one place:

  • SafeWA –for individuals checking in at WA businesses, venues and events.
  • Import COVID-19 digital certificate – for secure presentation of your proof of vaccination or exemption on demand.
  • G2G Pass – to access your travel passes when you travel into WA.

Privacy and security are our priority. The ServiceWA app uses Digital Identity for an individual’s verification, meaning only you can access the app and its services.  You will need to set up your Digital Identity before you can use the ServiceWA app.

The ServiceWA app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

You must be at least 16 years old to use the ServiceWA app.

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Information about COVID-19 and how to prepare a household for the virus, where to get tested, where to get vaccined, and exposure locations are all available through this website.

In order to create an account on the ServiceWA app, the user must have or be able to use a Digital Identity, which ensures the app’s security and prevents unauthorised access.

Because of features like a live clock timer, shimmering coat of arms, and animated certificate tick, the app provides a more robust proof of vaccination requirements.

With the ServiceWA app, patrons will be able to bypass the need for COVID-19 digital certificates stored in smartphone wallets or physical hardcopies when entering specific establishments or events venues.

People should allow at least 30 minutes to complete the ServiceWA app and Digital Identity process at home, where they have easy access to forms of identification like a passport, driver’s licence, or Medicare card..

SafeWA can still be used to check in at venues, but it is recommended that users download ServiceWA in order to avoid having to rely on an out-of-date application to check in at venues.

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What you need to know before setting up the ServiceWA app

Digital Identity

Creating your Digital Identity is a safe, secure and convenient way to prove your identity online, and you need this to set up and use the ServiceWA app.

For information and a step-by-step guide on how to create your Digital Identity, visit the Australian Government’s Digital Identity website (external link).

COVID-19 digital certificate

When you are double dose vaccinated against COVID-19 or have confirmation of a medical exemption, you can access your COVID-19 digital certificate, which shows proof of COVID-19 vaccination or medical exemption. This is provided by Services Australia.

You can consent to share your certificate with the ServiceWA app so you can easily present valid proof of vaccination or exemption when entering certain venues, attending large events and travelling into WA from interstate.


The WA Government’s SafeWA app is a free digital contact register system that efficiently and safely records patron and visitor details using a QR code.

You can access a version of the SafeWA app within the ServiceWA app to check in to WA venues.

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G2G Pass

You can enable G2G Pass within the ServiceWA app to present your passes or begin your registration to travel into WA, which is a requirement of all travellers.

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