School of Dragons Redeem Codes 2024 : School of Dragons Cheat Codes for Gems

School of Dragons Redeem Codes 2024 : School of Dragons Redeem Cheat Codes for Gems

School of Dragons Redeem Codes 2024 are codes that you can write into here to get FREE items. These Cheat codes all currently work.

Note: when you write in the codes make sure they have no spaces and are not uppercase, also make sure you are logged into your sod account.

1. lavaeater– gives you a free eruptodon egg!!!

2. cloudcover– gives you free stormcutter armor!!!

3. takeflight– gives you a free flight suit!!!

4. skrillthrill– gives you free skrillthrill armor!

5. F6MHJ1KNLX – Dragons Mystery Egg Box

Hope this you help you all!




Rumplepurp:   Titan Rumblehorn

Lavender:  Titan Deadly nadder

Poucer the nightlight!!

Dart the nightlight!

Ruffrunner the nightlight!!

Whispy: Whispering death

Gronckla: Gronckle

Icicle: Groncicle

Eruptoda: Eruptodon

Amora: Armorwing

Thunder: Thunderdrum

Marella: Monsterous nightmare

Zug and zap: Zippleback

Prickly: Prickleboggle

Flama: Flamewhipper

Melidy: Deathsong

Razorlona: Razorwhip

Stormia: Stormcutter

Deathloutia: Deathgripper

Opal: Hobgobbler


Erupto: Eruptodon

Grappila: Grapple Grounder

Iridescent: Slitherwing

Galisha: Dreadstrider

Tidellia: Tideglider

Zip, zap, snap, trap: Snaptrapper

How to Redeem your Codes

1. Launch the game then go to Settings.

2. Tap Redeem Code

3. Enter the code then tap Redeem to receive your rewards.

Here is the link that you can type your redeem codes into.

School of Dragons is an epic, 3D multiplayer online world based on DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon franchise. In this immersive game, players can embark on challenging quests, raise and train their own dragons, and interact with fellow Viking trainers.

The game is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, and French. Since its launch in July 2013, it has gained a large following of players worldwide. However, please note that as of June 30, 2023, the game’s servers have been shut down, and game progress and in-game items are no longer accessible