Samsung Free Screen Replacement Programme for Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Free Screen Replacement Programme for Galaxy Smartphones

Beginning 30th April, Samsung will be offering a one-time screen replacement as part of a new programme in India for certain Galaxy handsets that have green line difficulties providing an option for a single replacement to fix issues caused by problematic software updates that impact Super AMOLED screens.

In an effort to address the issue of green lines showing on screens, Samsung reportedly established a programme in India wherein customers can get new screens for free on specific Galaxy devices. This programme is designed to help users who are experiencing this particular issue. It will be accessible until April 30th and will offer a replacement screen just once.

Devices that are eligible for the Samsung screen replacement plan

A lot of people who own Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been complaining about green line problems on their screens over the past few months.

Older S series or Note devices with Super AMOLED displays were affected by defective software updates, according to Samsung, who confirmed the issue.

Samsung-free replacement screen

Android Authority reports that Samsung is providing qualifying smartphones in India with a free one-time screen replacement service. The Samsung Galaxy S20, Note20, Ultra, S21 (not S21 FE), and S22 range of smartphones are all part of this group. To be eligible for the initiative, mobile phones must not have any physical or water damage and be within three years after purchase.

As an added bonus, Samsung is enhancing the user experience by including a new battery with every screen repair

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Samsung’s screen replacement programme

Take advantage of this offer by visiting your nearest Samsung Service Centre by 30 April if you own an eligible Galaxy S or Note series device and are suffering the green line issue. Get a new screen for your phone at no cost by scheduling an appointment.

This move by Samsung is in line with what OnePlus did last year when it adopted a policy to replace screens for users affected by the green-line issue.

By fixing the display problems experienced by Galaxy smartphone owners in India, this project demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to customer happiness.

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