Royal IPTV Activation Code : Activate the Royal IPTV App

Royal IPTV Activation Code : Activate the Royal IPTV App

To activate the Royal IPTV app, you need to fill in the information below. After activation, you must restart the app once.


You only should activate this app, when you are sure that, you have any channels/videos and your tv/device.

The activation of the app does not contain any channels. You must add your channels yourself. We are NOT responsible for any content.

Please make sure that the entered data is correct.

5.49 €

One-time, per device

Please navigate to account section of your IPTV box and check your validity. Some services give expiry announcement 4 days ahead. Some TV stations take away last 1 day of subscription if not renewed 36 hours before expiry.

When you begin a subscription, you are paid up for the next 30 days. You can pay a TV station for 3, 6 or 12 months. IP TV stations has a risk of going off the air without notice, so month to month payment is recommended to avoid losing your money during blackout. Month to month payers can request for a change in TV station every 30 days.

Royal IPTV Activation Code :

1. Go to your TV’s App Store

2. Search for the ROYAL IPTV program

Once you have downloaded the ROYAL IPTV program, start it, there you will get something called MAC ADDRESS it can e.g. look like this A5: 44: 6F: X3: 33: 76 (note the example image below).

4. Copy the MAC Address or write it down.

5. Go to and enter your MAC address in the left field. In the field to the right, insert or write the m3u link that you received in your email after your purchase and click on “Ad Playlist” (you can see an example of the page below)

6. Restart your TV now and it should work.

Keep in mind that ROYAL IPTV is a paid program that costs about SEK 70. It is free for 24 hours and when your trial period has expired, you must buy the program, you do so under the tab “Activation” on their page.

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