Roku Voice Remote Pro : Set up your Roku Voice Remote Pro

Roku Voice Remote Pro : Set up your Roku Voice Remote Pro

Your Roku Voice Remote Pro is a premium control device designed to work exclusively with your compatible Roku streaming device. It features a rechargeable battery, hands-free and push-to-talk voice controls, TV controls for power and volume, personal shortcut buttons, lost remote finder, and private listening (headphones sold separately).


This article provides an overview with setup instructions and troubleshooting assistance along with information about using the various features of your Roku Voice Remote Pro.

Is my Roku device compatible?

Your Roku Voice Remote Pro can be set up to control any Roku player, Roku Streambar or soundbar, or Roku TV model shipped since 2017, along with a few older devices.

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Set up your Roku Voice Remote Pro

Pair your remote

Your Roku device creates a dedicated wireless connection with your Roku Voice Remote Pro using a discovery process called pairing. Before you can begin this pairing process, your Roku device must be running Roku OS 9.4 or higher. Go to Settings > System > About to check the software version. If necessary, you can manually have your Roku device check for an update.

When you are ready, refer to the diagram below to assist in the pairing process.

Back panel on your Roku Voice Remote Pro

  1. Press and hold Home home button on Roku remote on your existing Roku remote (or use the free Roku mobile app) for 5 seconds to open the Setup menu.
  2. Select Remote to put your Roku device into pairing mode
  3. Press and hold the Pairing button on your Roku Voice Remote Pro for 5 seconds until the status light turns green and starts flashing.
  4. An onscreen menu will guide you through the rest of the pairing process

When the pairing process is complete, a direct wireless connection has been established and your voice remote is ready to use.

Set up TV control

When your Roku Voice Remote Pro is connected to a Roku player (including the one in a Streambar or soundbar), you can set up TV control during the pairing process by following the simple onscreen instructions. If you need to change the TV control settings at any time, go to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Remotes > Voice Remote Pro > Set up remote for TV control and follow the onscreen prompts.

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Charge your Roku Voice Remote Pro

Your Roku device displays an on-screen message when the rechargeable lithium-ion battery in your remote is getting low on power. To charge it, connect the small, micro-USB end of the USB charging cable to the charging port on your remote, and connect the other end to a standard USB power adapter (like the one you use to charge your smartphone). The status light (on back of your remote) flashes slowly when charging and changes to solid green when complete. A full charge takes roughly 3 hours and lasts approximately 2 months under normal use.

How to use your Roku Voice Remote Pro

As you learn about using the various features available with your Roku Voice Remote Pro, refer to the diagram below to better understand the layout of your remote.

Button layout for the Roku Voice Remote Pro

Hands-free voice

With hands-free voice, there is no need to push a button or even handle your remote. Once you move the slider to ‘green’ to turn on hands-free voice, you can keep your remote nearby and combine “Hey Roku” and a command to say something like “Hey Roku, launch The Roku Channel”“Hey Roku, turn captions on”, or “Hey Roku, show me the news”.

Push-to-talk voice

When hands-free voice is off, you can still use your voice to search and control your Roku device. Simply press and hold the voice button and without using “Hey Roku”, say a command like “search for comedies”“turn it up”, or “play classic rock on Pandora”.

Personal shortcuts

After you issue a hands-free or push-to-talk voice command, press and hold one of the personal shortcut buttons until you hear a success tone from your remote. Once the command is saved and a personal shortcut is created, you can simply press and release the button any time you wish to issue the command in the future.

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Lost remote finder

If hands-free voice was turned on before you lost your remote, you can say “Hey Roku, where’s my remote?” and your remote will play a sound so you can quickly find it. If that does not work, download the free Roku mobile app for iOS® or Android and trigger lost remote finder from there.

Private listening

When you do not want to disturb others nearby, plug your headphones into the audio jack on the side of your remote. An on-screen headphone icon will confirm the switch to private listening and the speakers in your TV will mute automatically. Use the buttons on the side of your remote to adjust volume and unplug your headphones when you want to turn off the feature.

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