Roblox Condo Games Links 2024 : How do you find a Condo Game in Roblox 2024 ?

Roblox Condo Games Links 2024 : How do you find a Condo Game in Roblox 2024 ?

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The majority of Roblox’s Condo games are hidden behind password-protected doors, so they won’t show up in a search for the platform’s best or most popular games. Regardless, it’s common practice for Roblox Condo games to be removed after being reported. Don’t waste time, though, because there aren’t many routes to locating Condo games on Roblox.

So if you aren’t ready to ransack the whole platform, then here’s the two proven methods on how to find Roblox Condo games with ease.

1. The first method as you’d guessed is to simply put up the word “Condo” without quotes into the search bar on Roblox official website and you will be presented with a list of games relating to the the searched keyword.

2. Alternately, you choose to type in “Sent Cons” into Roblox search and you’ll see a little of games with such title. This method has been proven to be working as of writing this article and it sure comes in handy when the first trick fails.

Roblox Condo Games Links 2024

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1. Shedletsky’s Dirty Place – Roblox Condo Discord Server Links

Shedletsky’s Dirty Place is a Roblox game full of adult content. The only reason we want children to avoid playing this “18+ Roblox” game is that this game has a lot of adult activities, which can cause very serious problems. In this game, when children enter the house to play, they get a terrible nightmare. They don’t actually understand it, but it directly affects academic performance in a negative way. By the way, if you need Roblox Robux, you can visit Z2U.

2. Shower Simulator –

In this game, players can take a bath together, regardless of whether they are male or female. When the participants entered the shower, they were wearing swimsuits, which is not suitable for children’s attention. This is not the only element of this game, it also contains some intimate and erotic moments and conversations between participants

3. Dance Club –

This Roblox game has a lot of pornography and is not suitable for children under the age of 16. If you like playing “Roblox” adult games, then this game is for you of course, but if you are a child, then you can skip this article. The only reason we don’t want children to play Roblox is that it contains some bad movements. If you play this game, you will see a lot of participants between hot action and erotic scenes

4. Survive the killers –

This Roblox game may not have any hot or sexy moves, but it does have a lot of violence, and children should not watch it. In the game, players will get deadly weapons to kill their companions. We all know that killing enemies is common in video games, but the animations used in “Roblox” are poor and not suitable for children. There is a serial killer in the game, he is looking for a child. When he found the boy, he brutally killed him in the game.

5. Obby Games –

Unlike the 18+ Roblox games mentioned above, Obby Games has many interlinked pages where children should complete tasks and move from one place to another. It is worth noting that each page has a unique task, and children must complete them before they can move on in the game. After completing a certain level in Obby Games, players will see some scary toys on each page. In order to complete these tasks, children will have to see many monsters and scary toys that will scare them.