Principal Disability Insurance: Top 10 High Value VA Disability Claims Websites

Principal Disability Insurance: Top 10 High Value VA Disability Claims Websites

Short-term disability and long-term disability insurance offer income replacement if, because of an accident or sickness, you are unable to work and are totally disabled. However, insurance companies often deny disability insurance claims and impose a burden on you to provide additional evidence of your disability.


There are several types of disability insurance policies governed by different laws.  Long-term disability and short-term disability insurance policies are typically purchased individually or are issued through employers.  Polices purchased directly from an insurance company are typically governed by state laws, such as the California Insurance Code and California contract law.  Most of the policies issued through employers as group insurance are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA.  If your insurer or employer improperly denied your disability claim under ERISA, you must act  quickly to preserve your rights.  At this stage, it is always a good idea to consult an attorney.

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Top High Value VA Disability Claims Websites


McKennon Law Group PC is among California’s leading firms for bad faith insurance, ERISA and consumer litigation. Call 714-406-5582 today.

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At DeBofsky Sherman Casciari Reynolds P.C., our attorneys are skilled at recognizing the traps and pitfalls common to disability insurance claims. We have successfully handled thousands of pre-suit appeals on behalf of disability claimants, and have obtained justice for hundreds of clients in court.


Long term disability insurance is supposed to protect your income, and provide money you and your family need during a time when you can no longer work.


Insurance companies can attempt to deny your claim. If your disability insurance claim has been denied, delayed or underpaid, contact Merlin Law Group today.


Do attorneys at law actually need disability income insurance? Learn why lawyers should invest in disability insurance early on in their careers here.


Goldberg & Finnegan represents workers who have become disabled and have PRIVATE DISABILITY POLICIES. If you have been denied benefits, or if you sense that your disability carrier is going to cut off your benefits or is investigating your claim, call us at (888) 213-8140 for a free telephone consultation.


Since our founding in 1992, Marc Whitehead & Associates has helped disabled individuals from coast to coast fight for and win their rightful long term disability insurance benefits.


Our firm fights against personal injury, bad faith insurance, and class action law suits in Los Angeles area. We will seek max compensation for your losses. Give us a call to speak to a lawyer today.


Contact a national long-term disability benefits attorney at the Wisconsin office of Alan C. Olson & Associates today to discuss your case from anywhere in the U.S.: 888-843-1261.

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If your disability insurance claim has been rejected or you have concerns, contact our San Francisco Disability Denial Claims Lawyer. Call (415) 655-1549.

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