Prank Links for Whatsapp : Best Idea for Prank Message Whatsapp

Prank Links for Whatsapp : Best Idea for Prank Message Whatsapp

Fake GPS location can be used as a prank link for WhatApp on April Fools day. Though with WhatsApp live location function, you won’t be able to do that as your real location will be shared.

Fake Your Location

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Ever wanted to boast to your friends that you were on an exotic island? Maybe now’s the chance. Though with WhatsApp live location function, you won’t be able to do that as your real location will be shared. But with Fake GPS location you can. Isn’t this a great April Fool idea on WhatsApp.


After you have installed the app, follow these steps –

1. Enable the Developer’s Option menu

2. Scroll down and select mock location app and choose Fake GPS

3. Go back to the FakeGPS app and select mock location and tap on the Play button which you will find at the bottom of the screen

4. That’s it all you have to do is go back to WhatsApp and tap on the attachment button and select Location like you usually do

On the 1st of April, people laugh, joke and mischievous act with their friends, relatives, teachers, colleagues etc. and people also fool their friends and relatives through messages and court.

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Blank Message (for WhatsApp)

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To make this work:

1. Install the Blank Message App

2. Tap on the number of rows from the drop down menu and add as many rows as you want

3. You can choose from send and copy to clipboard

4. By choosing copy to clipboard you can copy the blank space to any app you want

5. That’s it! Hit the send button and see your friend’s face – confused or maybe even angry!

Cool Whatsapp Tricks

Here are some way cool whatsapp tricks for android users. It might be confusing for people who are not used to file managers but these tricks will be very helpfull in some instance. card : Free Robux Generator 2022

Download any status without installing any secondary app from playstore.

    1. After you view any status in your whatsapp app, open your file manager app that comes preinstalled in every android phone.
    2. Go to the local storage or Internal storage (it might be /sdcard directory or /storage/emulated/0 directory) in your file manager.
    3. Navigate to a folder named Whatsapp and open it
    4. Now open another folder named Media
    5. There is a hidden folder named .Statuses (to view hidden folders tap on three vertical dots on the top corner {differs depending on device} and click on show/view hidden folders or sometimes there might be a settings option. Just navigate and choose the required options to view hidden folders)
    6. Click on the folder named .Statuses All the temporarily existing statuses will be available there except the text statuses. All the other photo or video statuses will be inside these folders. Copy/paste it to another folder location to save it permanently in your phone.

Have complete control/access over all the whatsapp photos/videos/voice mails without opening whatsapp

    1. No one cares about protecting the file manager app or setting an app lock for such an app. However if you have access to someone’s phone and want to view their whatsapp videos/photos/voice messages without opening whatsapp then follow steps a, b, c, and d mentioned in trick 1.
    2. Inside the Media folder all the seperate folders related to various multimedia messages sent or recieved through whatsapp is stored. Example:- For images, the folder name is Whatsapp Images. For videos, folder name is Whatsapp Video , etc.
    3. Each of these folders can be seperately divided into three sections.
      1. All the media files you recieve are stored inside those folders.
      2. All the media files you chose not to be viewed in gallery are stored in a folder named Private inside those specific folders.
      3. All the media files you sent are stored in a folder named Sent in those specific folders.
    4. You can view these photos or copy/paste it or even delete them permanently (but you should be able to access the file manager app)

Change someone’s status to prank them

    1. This method only works in your phone and furthur changes will only be visible to you on your mobile only!! If you wanna prank your friends use this trick. You need to show the status to your friend as screenshot or screen record or through your mobile itself because changes apply only to your mobile.
    2. Since you are familiar with tricks 1 and 2 this should be way easy(I hope so)
    3. Create a additional folder in the local storage or Internal storage directory and copy the pictures or videos which you want to be viewed in your mobile as your friend’s status.
    4. Now navigate to the .Statuses folder inside Whatsapp/Media directory as mentioned in first few steps in trick 1.
    5. Scroll down untill you find the specific status video or picture.
    6. Tap on the rename option by holding the file and choosing the option by clicking on 3 vertical dots or lines on top corner(method differs depending on device)
    7. Do not rename the file, copy the entire file name and click cancel.
    8. Now go to the folder which you created and has the video or post you want to change as ur friend’s status. (Picture status can only be converted to another picture status and video status can only be converted to another video status. Something which is written below the status cannot be changed. Text statuses are not shown and hence cannot be changed)
    9. Now rename the picture or video file to the name which you copied from .Statuses folder.
    10. Copy/paste the file to the .Statuses folder. If it asks permission to overwrite click Yes.
    11. Note: some file managers don’t allow overwriting files so delete the status file from .Statuses folder(make sure you copy the name of the status file) and copy/paste the new status file inside .Statuses folder renamed with the specific status file

Hide the private videos/pic/any multi media file you recieve(videos you have hidden not to be viewed in gallery) from your chat.

    1. Sometimes you have recieved a video or any multi media file from a person and you have chosen to hide it from gallery. However you don’t want the video to be viewed from your chat list but still hidden in your phone
    2. Make sure media visibility of the specific chat is set to No before you recieve the video or multimedia file
    3. Now download the file and hold it and click on delete. An option will appear as shown below. Untick delete media from phone

Now click delete. Your file will be safe and hidden in Whatsapp/Media and click on respective media folder (for example if it’s a video it will be the Whatsapp Video folder) and inside that folder click on Private folder and you will find the video or multimedia file inside that folder.

Thanks for reading my answer, I hope you enjoyed it.