Poems for Teachers from Students : Happy Teachers Day 2021 Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Messages

Poems for Teachers from Students : Happy Teachers Day 2021 Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Messages

Every year on the 5th of October, World Teachers’ Day is held to honour all teachers around the world. UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers, adopted in 1966, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, marking a watershed moment in the development of international standards for teacher rights and responsibilities.


Teaching staff for higher education was included in a 1997 recommendation to add to the 1966 recommendation by addressing teaching personnel in that setting. Every year on October 5th, the United Nations commemorates World Teachers’ Day.

In collaboration with the ILO, UNICEF, and Education International, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5th every year (EI).

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Poems for Teachers from Students :

I Teach
I light a spark in a darkened soul
I warm the heart of one grown cold
I look beyond and see within
Behind the face, beneath the skin
I quench a thirst, I soothe a pain
I provide the food that will sustain
I touch, I love, I laugh, I cry
Whatever is needed, I supply
Yet more than I give, I gain from each
I am most richly blessed–I teach!
–Annette Breaux

If you can take your dreams into the classroom,
And always make them part of each day’s work—
If you can face the countless petty problems
Nor turn from them nor ever try to shirk—
If you can live so that the child you work with
Deep in his heart knows you to be a man—
If you can take “I can’t” from out his language
And put in place a vigorous “I can”—

Teachers of teachers! Yours the task,
Noblest that noble minds can ask,
High up Aonia’s murmurous mount,
To watch, to guard the sacred fount
That feeds the streams below;
To guide the hurrying flood that fills
A thousand silvery rippling rills
In ever-widening flow.

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Rich is the harvest from the fields
That bounteous Nature kindly yields,
But fairer growths enrich the soil
Ploughed deep by thought’s unwearied toil
In Learning’s broad domain.
And where the leaves, the flowers, the fruits,
Without your watering at the roots,
To fill each branching vein?

Welcome! the Author’s firmest friends,
Your voice the surest Godspeed lends.
Of you the growing mind demands
The patient care, the guiding hands,
Through all the mists of morn.
And knowing well the future’s need,
Your prescient wisdom sows the seed
To flower in years unborn.

Teacher Day Wishes in English :

1. A Great Teacher

A Great Teacher Is The Guiding Light
That Never Fails To Inspire…
Happy Teacher’S Day!


2. Most Of Us End Up With

Most Of Us End Up With
No More Than Five Or Six People Who Remember Us.
Teachers Have Thousands Of People
Who Remember Them For The Rest Of Their Lives.

”Happy Teachers Day!!


3. Thank You

Thank You For Teaching Me How To Read And Write,
For Guiding Me To Distinguish
Between What Is Wrong And What Is Right.
For Allowing Me To Dream And Soar As A Kite,
Thank You For Being My Friend,
Mentor And Light.


4.Teacher Is Someone…

Teacher Is Someone Patiently Who Stands By Us
Who Insisting The Essence Of Life.
You Are Wonderful Teachers
Who Proved That Learning Can Be Joyous
And Pleasant Experience.
Wishing You A Happy Teacher’S Day!!


5. “Everjone needs a push and start life. And for me it was from
my favorite teacher.”

Wishing You A Happy Teacher’S Day!!


6. You are not only our teacher
You are our friend, philosopher and guide
All molded into one person
We will always be grateful for your support

Happy Teachers Day!!!!

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SMS For Teachers Day 2021

1. TEACHER is a full form of


2. Happy Teachers Day Wishes in Hindi

आपसे ही सीखा, आपसे ही जाना
आप ही को हमने गुरु हैं माना,
सीखा हैं सब कुछ आपसे हमने,
कलम का मतलब आपसे हैं जाना

Happy Teacher Day 2021

3. Happy Teachers Day Messages 2021

Teacher is a person
who always helps everybody
to get the knowledge and
always stands beside the students
when they have problems.
Thanks for being my teacher.

Happy Teachers Day 2021

4. शांति का पढ़ाया पाठ, अज्ञानता का मिटाया अंधकार
गुरु ने सिखाया हमें, नफरत पर विजय हैं प्यार…|||

5. बुद्धिमान को बुद्धि देती और अज्ञानी को ज्ञान
शिक्षा से ही बन सकता हैं मेरा देश महान..||

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