picturegenetics.com Activate : At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit Activation

picturegenetics.com Activate : At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit Activation

Get tested to help protect all New Yorkers! NYC Health + Hospitals is giving you an At-Home COVID-19 Testing kit for your household. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19, or who has been in contact with someone with COVID-19, must continue to safely separate from others until your Monitor says it is OK to stop. If you already got tested for COVID-19, share this At-Home COVID-19 Testing kit with family and friends.

Your At-Home COVID-19 Testing kit has:


 Nasal swab

 Plastic tube, also known as a “Stabilizing Solution tube”

 Instructions card with a Gift Code and Activation Code

 Plastic bag, also known as a “Specimen bag”

 Mailer box

 Sealing sticker

 FedEx shipping bag

Please read the instructions in the box to use the kit, ship your sample, and get your results.

Shipping Reminder:

Remember to ship your sample the same day you register your kit and take the test. Do not ship your test after the last pickup of the day or on weekends. We also encourage you not to ship on Fridays.

You can have a loved one drop off the kit for you, or schedule an at home pick up.

Drop Off: Please check the schedules at fedex.com/dropbox to see when is the last Federal Express pickup of the day. You can ship your test at any FedEx Express drop box location. We strongly recommend a FedEx Ship Center location.

At Home Pick Up: To schedule an at home pick up call 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-Go FedEx). Say ‘Schedule a Pickup’ or press ‘1’. When asked for an account number provide the Return Tracking number on your FedEx shipping bag.

picturegenetics.com Activate

 Read the instructions on the card in your kit.

 Before starting, register your kit online at picturegenetics.com/covid19/group. Click on “I have a kit already.”

 Enter the gift code located inside your kit and activation code found on the front cover of your instructions insert, and click “Confirm Registration.”

 If prompted, select that you received this kit from the NYC Care Package.

 Wash your hands before and after taking the test.

 Do not clean your nose before taking the test. You can blow your nose with a tissue that is not scented.

 Open the plastic tube and put it on a flat surface to receive your sample.

 Next, open the nasal swab. Do not let it touch anything before or after going into your nostrils.

 Gently push the nasal swab about an inch into your nostril until it hits the top of your nasal cavity. Rub the swab around four times.
You should not feel discomfort. Take out the swab slowly.

 Repeat this step in your other nostril with the same swab.

 Put the nasal swab into the plastic tube with the swab facing down (the side you put inside your nose).

 Break off the nasal swab on the dotted line; it should easily break in half.

 Make sure the nasal swab is in the center of the tube. Then, close the plastic tube well and check it does not leak. Be careful not to close it too tight.

 Put the plastic tube with the nasal swab inside the plastic bag.

 Put the plastic bag into the mailer box and close it with the sealing sticker.

 Put the mailer box into the FedEx shipping bag. Follow the shipping instructions on your kit.

 Keep your instruction card for your records.



 Send the test the same day you registered your kit and took the test. You must ship the test within 24 hours. Do not ship it after the last pickup of the day or on weekends. We also encourage you not to ship on Fridays.

 You will get your results within 48 hours of the lab receiving your sample. Results will be available through your Picture portal account.
You should verify your Picture Genetics account via email:

Check your inbox for a verification email from [donotreply@picturegenetics.com].

You can find these instructions and a demonstration video at picturegenetics.com/nasalswab

For support you can contact Picture Genetics by:

Email: hello@picturegenetics.com
Live Chat: via PictureGenetics.com
Phone: 626-434-3596, Monday-Friday, 12 PM to 7 PM EST

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