Physics Wallah Login : PW Login Account

Physics Wallah Login : PW Login Account

If you’re looking to log in to Physics Wallah, you have a few options:

  1. Physics Wallah Official Website:
    • Visit the Physics Wallah website at
    • Enter your mobile number to log in or register and receive an OTP.
  2. Physicswallah Chat Platform:
    • Sign in to your account on the Physicswallah chat platform at
  3. Physics Wallah TestPress:
    • If you’re a student preparing for JEE or NEET exams, you can log in to the Physics Wallah TestPress platform at

Physics Wallah is India’s top online ed-tech platform, providing affordable and comprehensive learning experiences for students in classes 6 to 12 and those preparing for JEE and NEET exams.

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What courses are available on Physics Wallah?

Physics Wallah offers a variety of courses to cater to different educational needs:

  1. NEET Coaching Courses:
    • Free NEET Online Coaching
    • NEET Online Coaching for Class 11 and Class 12
    • NEET Repeaters Course
    • These courses cover essential topics for NEET preparation.
  2. GATE Online Coaching:
    • Physics Wallah provides GATE courses for various disciplines, including CE, ME, XE, CS & IT, DA, IN, EE, and EC.
    • These courses are designed to help candidates ace the GATE exam with top scores.
  3. Class 12 Online Coaching:
    • Experience top-notch Class 12 online coaching by Physics Wallah
    • The program includes expert faculty, comprehensive study material, interactive live classes, regular assessments, personalized attention, and a flexible learning schedule.

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What are the fees for their courses?

Physics Wallah, founded by the renowned educator Alakh Pandey, is India’s leading online education platform. They offer a wide range of courses for various entrance exams, including IIT JEE, NEET, UPSC, SSC, and more. Here’s a breakdown of their fee structure for some key courses:

  1. NEET Offline Courses:
    • Vidyapeeth Dropper NEET 2025: ₹114,460
    • Vidyapeeth 12th NEET 2025: ₹109,740
    • Vidyapeeth 11th NEET 2026: ₹199,420
  2. JEE Offline Courses:
    • Vidyapeeth Dropper JEE 2025: ₹114,460
    • Vidyapeeth 12th JEE 2025: ₹109,740
    • Vidyapeeth 11th-12th JEE 2026: ₹199,420
  3. Class 9th (JEE):
    • Vidyapeeth Grade 9th 2025: ₹61,360
    • Vidyapeeth Grade 9-12th 2029: ₹1,09,740

Keep in mind that Physics Wallah aims to make education as cost-effective as possible, catering to students from different state boards and providing study materials, notes, quizzes, and test series for competitive exam aspirants.

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