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If you already have an athenahealth account – you can log in to your Patient Portal at any time and make payments toward your balance. Your test results can be accessed and reviewed through your Patient Portal.

athenahealth is a healthcare software technology company. We create software that enables medical practices to provide exceptional care to you, your family, and your community. Our software enables healthcare providers to support you in various ways, including helping them maintain and share your patient records securely, allowing you to pay healthcare-related bills online, and allowing you to communicate directly with your physician.

Patient Portal – | athenahealth

If your healthcare provider uses athenahealth products, there are a few ways you can create an account with us to access your Patient Portal.

Some practices using athenahealth products offer Patient Portal access on the homepage of their website. Just look for the Patient Portal link and click on it to be taken to the Patient Portal welcome page. Once there, click the sign-up link below the Log in with athenahealth button. This will take you to the registration page, where you can create your athenahealth account.

If you’re having issues finding the Patient Portal link on your provider’s website, you can contact their office for the correct URL or to request an email invitation to their Patient Portal.

If your healthcare provider’s office uses athenahealth products, you can use the link below to log in to your portal.

Find your portal

If you can’t log in to your portal using the link above, check the homepage of your healthcare provider’s website for a Patient Portal link or a patient section. If you still have issues finding your portal’s Welcome page, contact your provider’s office directly.

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How can I pay my bills?

There are several ways to pay your bills securely. Here are your options:

If you already have an athenahealth account – you can log in to your Patient Portal at any time and make payments toward your balance. If you don’t have an athenahealth account but want to create one, follow the steps outlined in the How do I create an account to access my athenahealth Patient Portal section above

If you’ve opted to receive text messages or emails from your healthcare provider – one of them likely includes a balance update, bill, or e-statement. Find one of these messages and follow the prompts to make a payment

If you receive paper statements through the mail from your healthcare provider – you can follow these steps to use that statement to make a payment:-

1. Go to

2. Enter the code from your statement.

3. Pay your bill.

If your healthcare provider encourages patients to check in early through email or text message – you may be able to make a payment towards your co-pay or balance during this process.

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How can I access my test results?

Your test results can be accessed and reviewed through your Patient Portal. Log in to your athenahealth Patient Portal and look for the ‘Test Results’ tab on the left side of the page.

If you are having issues accessing your test results, contact your healthcare provider’s office for help.

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