payment Make a Payment – Athena Login – Athena Health

payment Make a Payment – Athena Login – Athena Health

The Payment feature allows the user to make credit card payments including initiating a payment plan. Credit card payments can also be voided and non-credit card (cash/check) payments can be recorded in athenaNet. In addition, credit card payments not made via athenahealth’s Credit Card Plus (CCP) can be recorded as having been made, however, we highly recommend using CCP (and /collectpayment).

Record Payment


The POST /patients/{patientid}/recordpayment call allows partners to record payments made via cash, check, or credit card payment outside of athenahealth’s Credit Card Plus (CCP) processing.

Do not use this feature if the check is being scanned at the front desk using athenaNet, if a credit card payment is being made within athenaNet via CCP, or a payment is made via API using POST /patients/{patientid}/collectpayment. This will result in payments being double counted.

What is a patient portal?

A patient portal is a website that provides direct access to the medical information recorded in your patient chart. Many patient portals support additional features, including the ability to pay bills or message physicians or care teams directly.

athenahealth Patient Portals support these features and serve as a single resource for all your information, test results, etc., from all your healthcare providers who use athenahealth products.


Who is athenahealth?

athenahealth is a healthcare software technology company. We create software that enables medical practices to provide exceptional care to you, your family, and your community. Our software enables healthcare providers to support you in various ways, including helping them maintain and share your patient records securely, allowing you to pay healthcare-related bills online, and allowing you to communicate directly with your physician.

How do I create an account to access my athenahealth Patient Portal?

If your healthcare provider uses athenahealth products, there are a few ways you can create an account with us to access your Patient Portal.

Some practices using athenahealth products offer Patient Portal access on the homepage of their website. Just look for the Patient Portal link and click on it to be taken to the Patient Portal welcome page. Once there, click the sign-up link below the Log in with athenahealth button. This will take you to the registration page, where you can create your athenahealth account.

If you’re having issues finding the Patient Portal link on your provider’s website, you can contact their office for the correct URL or to request an email invitation to their Patient Portal.

How do I locate and log in to my athenahealth Patient Portal?

If your healthcare provider’s office uses athenahealth products, you can use the link below to log in to your portal.

Find your portal

If you can’t log in to your portal using the link above, check the homepage of your healthcare provider’s website for a Patient Portal link or a patient section. If you still have issues finding your portal’s Welcome page, contact your provider’s office directly.

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