Payaccount io Activate Card: How do I Activate my Payaccount card?

Payaccount io Activate Card: How do I Activate my Payaccount card?

To activate your card please provide the following information. If your card is already activated, click here to register your account or login to your account here.

How do I activate my card?

To login you will need to enter your 16-digit card number, your CVV which is the 3-digit number on the back of the card and your 4-digit unique access can be found on your carrier which is the paper your card came attached to. Once you have logged in, you will need to click on the card status button and change it from “ready” to active. Then hit submit. Your card is now activated.

For additional help you may call the number on the back of your card and press 0 (zero) to speak to an agent.

To activate your Canadian Physical Card click HERE

How can I check my card balance?

Log into to retrieve your prepaid card balance.

From there you will be asked to enter Your:

1. 16 digit card number 

2. Access code  (4 digit activation code was provided to you in the instructions that came with the card)

3. CVV ( 3 digit number on the back of the card) 

How can I use my card online for transactions?

You have to enter your card information including the details that include your first and last name, address and phone number as mentioned on the card redemption page.

Please note : If this is a one time only promotional , hence this card will not allow you to process recurring or split transactions.

If you have lost your card or it was stolen, you can request a replacement by directly reaching out to the company that issued you the card. Please note once the card is replaced you will receive it within 10 business days. Cardholder Support cannot assist cardholders directly with this issue. To access your personal card account details, please visit the website printed on the back of your card.


How do I retrieve my PIN (to use ATM, or pay with chip card)?

To retrieve your PIN please login to the website printed on the back of your card. After you log in please select My Profile. Once you select my profile, on your top right-hand corner there is a button which says view my pin. When you click on view PIN it will ask for your 4-digit access code. Please enter your access code to access your PIN. Your access code can be found on your card carrier, the paper that your card came attached to.

Why was my card declined?

Your card may have been declined because the purchase amount was greater than the available balance on your card. Some retailers will allow you to do a split transaction where they allow you to use two separate payment methods. Merchants are unable to obtain the balance on your card so it’s important to always know your balance before making a purchase.