OTCNetwork Activate Card : MyOTCCard | Card Activation

OTCNetwork Activate Card : MyOTCCard | Card Activation

InComm, a leading payments technology company, launched OTC Network in 2010. Atlanta, Georgia, is home to their corporate headquarters. Brooks Smith founded InComm in 1992. Consumers can use their re-loadable prepaid cards for easy access to eligible items from the most popular Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health plans. Having their cards accepted at as many over-the-counter drug stores as possible is their primary goal.


Use your OTC Plus card to pay for non-prescription drugs, health-related items, healthy foods, and even home Internet service.

Save at your neighborhood pharmacy, farmers’ markets, online, and other participating retailers.

Remember to activate your OTC Plus card and bring it with you to participating pharmacies and other retailers, as you cannot use your Medicare card to purchase OTC items.

MyOTCCard | Card Activation

1. Go to  www.myotccard.com page

2. Your 16 or 19 digit card number should be entered here

3. In order to proceed, click “submit.”

4. Activating your card will be completed once you’ve entered all of the required information.

How to Activate and Use Your OTC Card

Activate your OTC Plus/OTC card before its first use. To activate, please call Card Services at 1-888-682-2400 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or visit OTCnetwork.com/member.

You’ll need to provide:

1. The OTC Plus/OTC card number on the front of the card.

2. Your Healthfirst Medicare plan Member ID card number.

3. Your birthdate (two-digit month, two-digit day, and four-digit year; for example, 05/20/1955)

Visit a participating location

Take your activated OTC Plus/OTC card to a participating store and select the approved items you want to purchase.

You can use your OTC Plus card at locations such as:

  • Retailers, including Duane Reade, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, or Stop & Shop
  • Many local independent pharmacies
  • Home-delivery options through NationsOTC or Mom’s Meals
  • GrowNYC locations
  • For guidance on how to use your OTC Plus card at farmers’ markets, visit the information stand on site

You can use your OTC card at locations such as:

  • Retailers like Duane Reade, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Stop & Shop
  • Many local independent pharmacies

For a complete list of participating pharmacies and retailers, visit otcnetwork.com/member or call our Member Services Representatives at 1-888-260-1010 (TTY 1-888-542-3821), or for Signature (HMO) Member Services team, call 1-855-771-1081 (TTY 1-888-542-3821), 7 days a week, 8am–8pm (October through March) and Monday to Friday, 8am–8pm (April through September).

Pay for your items

At local retailers, take your items to the checkout lanes. When you check out, swipe your OTC Plus/OTC card for payment. Purchases of approved items are automatically deducted from your card balance.

Bring your OTC Plus/OTC card with you, as you cannot use your Medicare card to purchase OTC items.

When you shop online, remember to enter your OTC Plus/OTC card’s 19-digit number.

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