Opensky Card and Login Account

Opensky Card and Login Account

Capital One has a card with a lower initial deposit requirement than the OpenSky Secured Visa, if you don’t want to pony up the $200. It is possible to open a Capital One Platinum Secured credit card with a credit limit of $200 by depositing as little as $49 and paying no annual fee. There is a downside to this card, just like the OpenSky Secured Visa.

With no annual fee, no security deposit and a starting credit limit of $300 (up to $5,000), the Petal 1 card is an excellent choice for those who want to build their credit. Additionally, the card’s approval process is flexible, allowing the issuer to take into account more than just your credit score when evaluating your application. If you’ve had a few financial missteps in the past but are otherwise financially secure, this will be a huge benefit.

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How do I activate my credit card?

Visit and click the blue MyAccount button located at the top. You will be directed to the online account management login page to activate the card.

On a mobile device: Select the Menu option at the top and click Activate Card. Simply follow the instructions.

On a desktop: Look for the bright green Activate Card button on the top right. Simply follow the instructions.

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Up to a $3,000 initial credit limit

To establish your initial credit limit, the OpenSky Secured Visa requires a one-time, refundable security deposit. Even if you’re short on cash, you should be able to afford a $200 secured credit card, which is about average for such a card. The card’s most notable feature, however, is its high minimum deposit amount (and, as a result, its maximum credit limit). For a secured card, you can deposit up to $3,000 and get a credit limit of the same amount.

High-limit secured cards like the OpenSky Visa can help you improve your credit rating significantly if you have the money to put down a larger deposit. The reason for this is that your FICO credit score is heavily influenced by your credit utilisation, which measures how much of your available credit you’ve used compared to how much you have left. If you start with a high credit limit, you’ll have an easier time keeping your credit utilisation ratio low, which is good for your credit score.

How do I make monthly credit card payments?

You can make monthly credit card payments using the following methods:

Via the OpenSky Mobile App or online account management- you can sign up for Auto-Pay and schedule recurring, monthly payments, or set up one-time payments.

Send in a check with the remittance slip that is included in your monthly billing statement.

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Open Sky Credit Card Login

Login to MyAccount from the blue button located at the top of the screen at, or bookmark MyAccount as one of your favorites and log in whenever you need.

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