: Norton LifeLock Login : Norton LifeLock Login

To create a Norton login account you need to visit the official web page Then select the “Sign In” option. Select the “Create An Account” option. A form appears asking you for your details to register for the Norton account.

Norton antivirus is amongst the largest companies in the field of developing professional security software for the protection and security of our devices. It completely keeps your devices protected from the malware that might cause great damage.

But to effectively utilize the stringent Norton security, you need a Norton login account from which you can manage your Norton subscriptions, and the Norton products download. So let’s discuss the Norton login process and access all of the Norton account features easily.


Create your NortonLifelock Login Account:-

To create a Norton login account you need to visit the official web page

Then select the “Sign In” option.

Select the “Create An Account” option

A form appears asking you for your details to register for the Norton account.

Click on the Create Account button further

Then you will receive a verification link on your email

Confirm your account by opening the confirmation link in the new tab and sign in to your account

This completes the Norton Email confirmation process.

As the process completes you can easily sign in to your Norton account.

1.Open theNorton login page in a browser

2.Type in the email address you verifiedduring the account creation process

3.Fill in the password you linked to your Norton account

4.Give a click to the sign-in button

Are you facing issues while yourNorton Login? It could mean you somehow missed your login credentials.

If you forget your login credentials or due to any reason are unable to sign in to your Norton account then you might reset the password of your Norton login profile.

To reset your password for the Norton Login account you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1.You need to visit, go into the Norton login menu, and then to the My Account option.

2. A pop window appears on your screen with the Sign In option for your Norton Login.

3. Select the “Forget Password” option mentioned below the “Sign In” button.

4.Now you need to enter the email address you registered with your Norton login account.

5.Then select the Continue button.

6. A verification mail will be sent to your registered mail if the account is linked with your Norton login account.

7.Then go on to the mail and click the link to open the Norton password reset page.

8. Click on the Reset your Norton password option.

9. A window where you can generate a new password for your Norton login will appear.

10. Enter the new password that is strong enough to keep your account secured and protected.

11. After confirming your new password, click on the reset-password button.

As you click on the continue option you can sign in to your profile easily. Now keep your password safe so that you may further not face any issues while signing into your account.

Norton login – Simple troubleshooting Tips for login issues:-

You may be unable to login into your Norton account due to some errors. These errors restrict you from signing into your account. Let’s have a look at some of the other errors that restrict us from doing so and how you could fix them;

1. Your User ID may not be correct.

2. Yes, the user id that you are entering might be inappropriate that restricts your login.

3. Retype the login details, this time carefully.

4. The login session might have expired earlier than you sign in to your account.

5. Close the window and again access the login page.

6. You might have forgotten the login details that you entered while creating your Norton Login.

You can easily reset the password of yourNorton accountby using the steps given above.

Follow these steps to download Norton antivirus on your unprotected computer as-

● Open the default internet browser.

● Type in in the address bar.

● If you do not have a Norton Account, then you have to create a new account.

● Click on the Sign In button

● Choose the payment mode and proceed further to pay

● Read the licensing agreement carefully.

● Download the desired Norton antivirus products.

● Wait for the download process to complete.

Follow the steps to install Norton antivirus software on your devices as given below:-

● Locate the downloaded file at the saved destination.

● Run Norton internet security setup file by double click on it.

● Launch the recently installed Norton product

● Choose the Run as Administrator button.

● Now the Installer will seek your permission.

● You must select Yes to grant permission.

● Now, your installation process is completed.

● Restart your computer, when you get prompted.

It is easy to activate Norton antivirus on your computer, with the following steps, and once before make sure you have a good working internet connection.

● Open the Norton icon by clicking on which is available on the desktop.

● Now type the email ID registered with the Norton account.

● Tap on the Submit option.

● Enter the 25 digits unique Norton activation product key.

● Press on the Verify option.

● Finally, now your Norton setup has completed its Activation procedure.

The Norton Enrollment process applies to all customers who are purchasing Norton products and able to operate independently features through the Norton eStore or by calling into a Norton contact helpline center. This information is only collected one time and is used to set up the Norton Account.

Additional information may be collected at the prudence of the customer to maintain the account during the subscription to the product In our ongoing quest to be as transparent as possible, Norton LifeLock provides these products and service with specific privacy notices to give detailed information about our products and services collect, process, and share your valuable data.

This transparency allows you to clearly understand how each product and service work, as they relate to your data. These notices should be read in the instance of conjoining with the Norton LifeLock Global Privacy Statement which explains how our company as a whole processes your data. For example, the Member or Subscriber Information that is collected to provide a specific service may be used by the company to inform you of other or related services. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and to provide you the level of detail you want.

Which are Norton Antivirus Products?

Norton has many types of products such as standard, Deluxe, Premium, Platinum, Ultra, Norton Internet Security, Norton One, Norton Antivirus, Norton Antivirus Basic, Norton 360, Norton 360PE, and Norton 360MD. These provide you endpoint security that defends against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats. Norton Antivirus can also be offered as a combination of products with other NortonLifeLock products.

What is Norton Password Manager?

Norton Password Manager has four alternatives:

1. An element of the Norton Security product and plug-in for Internet Explorer.

2. Browser extensions for all considerable browsers except Internet Explorer.

3. Mobile apps for Android and IOS.

4. The Web application did not require additional installation of software and browser extensions. All alternatives are a password manager, which manages Usernames, passwords, and other information useful for performing online pursuit.

Why you should Shield your devices with Norton antivirus?

Shield your devices with Norton antivirus. There recently incidents happening, where many of the user’s accounts were hacked and data was stolen. To stay protected from such incidents you need to deploy Norton setup on your devices that can be downloaded via After downloading the Norton setup, you will be equipped with high-tech features. Some of these features are explained in this article, so without any further delay let’s get along with the steps to download, install and activate Norton antivirus software that is discussed in the following sections

How to get your missed Norton Product Key?

● To get your product key, visit the site and log in to your Norton Account,

● After successfully login, then tab onto the Devices.

● Find the device you need a product key from the list then click on it for and copy it by writing it down, or by highlighting/copy/paste. Your product key may also be accessed from the Services tab.