Activate Login: How do I get started on Activate Login: How do I get started on

To activate your NordStorm Card, login into, click Sign Up Now. Be sure to have your Nordstrom card on hand. Enter the requested information and click Continue.

1. Visit the page

2. Enter your Last name in the first column.

3. Now enter your Date of Birth and Phone number.

4. Finally enter your Last 4 digits of your card number.

5. Click the “Activate” button to activate your Nordstrom card.

Members of Nordstrom’s loyalty programme, the Nordy Club, receive perks and discounts that aren’t available to the store’s regular customer base. If you are a member of Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom Local, or Nordstrom Trunk Club, you can use your Nordstrom Notes at any Nordstrom store or online.

Membership in The Nordy Club is available to any United States resident who is eighteen (18) years old and provides valid and accurate personal information when joining.


How do I Activate

1. On, click Sign Up Now. Be sure to have your Nordstrom card on hand. Enter the requested information and click Continue.

2. Choose a username, password and email address, then click Continue.

3. Select three security questions and provide unique answers for each, then click Continue.

4. Within a few minutes, an email will be sent to the email address you provided. Click on the Confirm Your Enrollment link to complete your enrollment.

The security of your Nordstrom card account is extremely important to us. Security questions are crucial to identifying you as the true owner of your account and to help prevent others from gaining access. If the computer or device(s) from which you’re signing in isn’t recognized, you’ll be asked for the answers to your security questions before being allowed access.

If you’re signing in from a home computer or personal device, you can select Remember my personal device to skip the security questions for future logins. You’ll always have to provide a valid username and password.

How do I download your mobile app?

The site has a mobile version, so there’s no need for an app. Simply go to via the internet browser on your phone or tablet. All the same online services are available to you anywhere, anytime.

https // : Check your messages on your computer or Android tablet

Things To Know

  • Activation will apply to all cards on the account.
  • Activation will cause your old cards to deactivate, and you should destroy any deactivated cards for your protection.
  • If you have a Nordstrom Visa® credit card, be sure to update your card information wherever it might be stored for purchasing and bill payments.
  • If you use Nordstrom AutoPay to take care of your Nordstrom bill, there’s no need to take any action–your current settings will automatically apply to your new card.