No Valid Unity Editor License Found. Please Activate Your License

No Valid Unity Editor License Found. Please Activate Your License

After you have assigned the license seat to yourself or another user in your organization (for Plus, Pro, Student, and Enterprise only), there are a couple of ways to activate your license depending on your network situation.
If you do not have a Unity license activated, projects will not open.
If you have recently updated your OS or changed any hardware, your machine’s hardware ID (HWID) can make the current Unity License File (.ULF) redundant. You need to reactivate your license on the same device to use Unity.


Online activation steps:

1. Launch the Unity Hub.

2. Click the account icon in the top left of the window and sign in to your Unity ID.

3. After you are signed in, click Preferences (cog icon).

4. Click Licenses > Add license.

5. Unity Plus, Pro, Student, and Enterprise subscription holders click Activate with serial number (i)Unity Personal (free) users click Get a free personal license (ii).

(i) For Plus, Pro, Student and Enterprise subscription holders, enter your serial number and click Activate license.

(ii) Unity Personal (free) users, read the Terms of Service, click Agree and get personal edition license.

Your license is now activated. Not working? See the troubleshooting steps below.


If you are in a secure network environment or receive an error while activating, it may be a connectivity problem.
In this case, try manually activating, carefully following the steps outlined in the Manual Activation Guide or the Knowledge Base article, ‘How can I manually activate my license inside the hub?’.
If you receive the error ‘Your serial number is not valid,’ you may need to return a previous activation. Clear your existing license file by following the below steps:
  1. Close the Hub completely using the task manager (or similar).
  2. Using your file explorer, navigate to:
    * Windows:


    * Mac:

    Library/Application Support/Unity

    and delete the .ulf file housed there.

  3. Launch the Hub again, ensuring you allow the Hub to make changes to your hard drive in the process.
  4. Reactivate your license following the steps outlined in the above article.

If this does not work for you, send your log files and screenshots of any errors received to the Customer Experience team.

How do I find my license serial number?

To use Unity, you need to activate a license.
To activate a license, Unity Plus, Pro, or Enterprise users need to enter the serial number during the license activation process. Unity Industry users can simply log into the Hub to activate but sometimes may require a license key if activating offline, for example.
Serial numbers, also known as license keys, let the Unity Editor know what level of access to give each user.
Unity Personal license users do not need a serial number to activate a license and have a different option to select during the activation process.