Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Life : Tips To Extend New Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Life

Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Life : Tips To Extend New Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Life

Despite the fact that Switch Lite looks and functions like a smartphone, it lacks a dock for projecting the screen to a television, as does the regular Switch. The Lite version, on the other hand, boasts a larger battery capacity and is therefore expected to last 6 to 7 hours. All mobile devices, including the Nintendo Switch Lite, have the potential to experience Overheat.


Nintendo Switch consoles can be charged in two different ways, both of which allow you to play while the device is charging. Even if you’re playing on the TV with your Switch while it’s docked, it will continue to charge via the power cable attached to the dock.

The Switch Lite is a great option for those who prefer to play on the go, thanks to its smaller size and longer battery life over the standard Switch. Except if you have the HAC-001(-01) Switch, which was released in August.

nintendo switch lite comparison versus specs price

According to Nintendo’s spec sheet, the standard Switch measures 4 inches high by 9.4 inches wide by 0.55 inches deep (approximately). When compared to the Switch Lite’s dimensions of 3.6 inches tall, 8.2 inches wide, and 0.55 inches deep, you might think the size reduction isn’t all that significant. Before the launch of the Switch Lite, I had the same impression, but now that I have one in my hands, the Switch Lite feels significantly smaller than the standard Switch.

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Troubleshooting a rapidly draining battery on a Nintendo Switch Lite

You can prevent serious damage to your Switch Lite’s battery by following our recommendations below if you notice it draining quickly and overheating while playing.

  • Nintendo Switch Lite’s battery drains too quickly
  • Turn off the device’s power and restart.

the Nintendo Switch’s power should now be off For the time being, your Lite will act as a battery temperature stabiliser. Don’t use or charge it for at least 1-2 hours after you shut it down as usual. A hard reset may be necessary if these tips don’t work, as suggested by Nintendo Customer Service in the US.

The type of game you’re playing seems to have an effect on battery life. The overall performance of the Switch Lite trap will be affected by the weight of the graphics required by a game. Games like Fortnite and The Legend of Zelda require a lot of processing power, and because of the Switch Lite’s low screen resolution, it runs out of battery quickly and overheats.

In terms of the specifications of the Nintendo Switch Lite’s innards, they are vastly different from those of the regular version.

It is also recommended to replace the Nintendo Switch Lite battery every six months or every year to prevent component damage. Why? Because other hardware components can be destroyed if the battery starts to show signs of damage and is allowed to continue.