New My Health Gov App | Connecting Australia to a healthier future @

New My Health Gov App | Connecting Australia to a healthier future @

The need for a connected healthcare system is greater than ever – one that’s accessible, progressive and secure.


Digital health has become a vital part of a modern, accessible healthcare system designed to meet the needs of all Australians.

My Health Record for pregnant mums and newborns

Having your records in one place is invaluable when you have multiple care providers. Your record can help you and your healthcare providers keep track of your health information throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

You can also register your newborn for their record, so you can monitor their growth and development. It’s just like a baby book, but instead of cute photos, there’s a picture of their health.

New My Health Gov App

‘my health’ lets you quickly and easily see your key health information, including proof of vaccinations and COVID-19 tests, pathology results, medical timeline, and more.

The app is powered by My Health Record.

It is a digital health app, managed by the Australian Digital Health Agency.

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Before you can see any of your health information in the app, you first need to link My Health Record via your myGov account. The app can then show the health information from your record. You cannot see your health information unless you have linked My Health Record. (Find out more about My Health Record and how to link at )


• Use ‘my health’ to store some of your health information or share data from My Health Record with others using your mobile device.

• View multiple records in the app. For example, records for your children under 14 and other records you have access to.

• Optional push notifications for public health announcements.

• Security is a key design element of both the ‘my health’ app and the My Health Record system, which adhere to Australian Government security requirements.

• In addition to system level security, the app has secure PIN entry to stop unauthorised users from viewing your information or you can choose to log in using Biometrics.

More features will be added over time. Help us understand how to improve ‘my health’ by giving us your feedback or leaving a review.

‘my health’ complies with Australian privacy laws. It will use your personal information to:

• access My Health Record.

• enable you to download, store and share your health information.