https // code Login : Nearpod Student and Teacher Login Code Generator 2022

https // code Login : Nearpod Student and Teacher Login Code Generator 2022

Nearpod is an interactive classroom tool to engage students by adding interactive activities to your lessons like polls, collaboration boards, and game-based quizzes. Students can interact and submit responses through any mobile device or laptop.



● Create a new lesson by clicking the blue create button and select lessons. You can either upload content that you already have, or you can create a new lesson right inside Nearpod.

● To add content, tap Add Slide. Some of the most popular options are:-

  • o Video: Choose from Nearpod’s video library, YouTube, or upload your own. You can add activities at any point in videos by tapping +Add Activity.
  • o Slide: Add text, video, images, or gifs to slides once created.
  • o Web Content: Add a website to visit during your presentation.
  • o Nearpod 3D: Add 3D models of places and people your students can interact with.
  • o VR Field Trip: Add virtual destinations that bring your lessons to life. Trips can be viewed with or without VR Headsets.

● To add an interactive activity, tap Add Slide and select the Activities tab. Some Activities you can choose are:

  • o Time to Climb: Interactive game you can either create the questions yourself or use a premade template for certain subjects.
  • o Flipgrid: Insert a Flipgrid you have previously made into the presentation.
  • o Draw It: Have students show their understanding by drawing their answer. You can create a question or add a premade template and edit it.
  • o Collaborate Board: An interactive brainstorming tool where students can add sticky notes with text and images to a class bulletin board.

● You must save and exit your lesson before you can invite students to interact with the lesson.

Upgrade your Nearpod account

Get more storage, student joins, and lesson creation and delivery features when you upgrade Nearpod. Individual teachers can purchase a Gold or Platinum license, or site licenses are available for Schools and Districts to unlock the full instructional power of Nearpod and support teachers’ needs.

This article explains how individual teachers can upgrade their account. For information about School and District options, please visit

Here’s how:

1. Visit and choose the plan that works best for you. Then, click on the button under that plan

2. Once you select a plan type, enter your payment information and click “Complete purchase”



3. After completing the purchase, you will receive an email to the address associated with your Nearpod account. In that email will be instructions on how to obtain a receipt.

Please note:

  • We do not process POs for individual teacher licenses (you can purchase online here!), but we will provide you with an invoice once the purchase is made
  • Unfortunately and for your security, we can not complete upgrade purchases by phone
  • Currently, we only offer a subscription through an annual payment model

How to launch multiple Nearpod codes

1. After launching your first code, return to the “My Library” page and hover over the Nearpod you’d like to launch


2. Click on the teaching mode for your new code. If you have an active code for this lesson in that mode, the message below will appear. To launch an additional code, click on the blue “Launch new” button at the top.


3. A new code will be generated. Share with your students, and repeat if additional codes are needed.

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