NBA 2K 23 Release Date : NBA 2K 23 News | NBA 2K23 Basketball Game

NBA 2K 23 Release Date : NBA 2K 23 News | NBA 2K23 Basketball Game

NBA 2K23 is around the corner and there is plenty to see before the game launches on September 9th –  for now, check out our MyNBA Trailer!


For all things NBA 2K23, hit up the Courtside Report. Get the latest news and updates – straight from the developers themselves.

The NBA 2K23 release date has been set on Friday, September 9, 2022, which is exactly in line with what we anticipated given recent years. We can also confirm that the universal release time on Friday, September 8, 2022, will be Midnight ET, or 11pm CT, thanks to fresh listings.


The rivalry between Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics and Magic Johnson’s Showtime Lakers is indispensible when discussing basketball in the 1980s. NBA 2K fans may remember the tribute paid to this legendary rivalry in NBA 2K12, when Magic, Bird, and His Airness adorned the cover and were prominently featured in the “NBA’s Greatest” mode. One glance through the record books makes it clear why. In the 1980s, the Lakers and Celtics made up 65% of the Finals teams, and the battles between Bird and Magic are legendary.

There were many outstanding players in the league throughout the 1980s, including Moses Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Isiah Thomas, George Gervin, Alex English, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, and a long list of others. But with so many legendary teams and players, which year would be the greatest to start with in order to give MyNBA Eras the richest experience? With the Lakers and Celtics rivalry in full swing, we have a solid selection of years to choose from, but just by looking at the players, it can be a little difficult to choose from so many incredible squads.

But let’s return to the hypothetical world. Which of these amazing ways to change history would you choose? Whom do you think would be the most interesting person to influence the path of history? From the very first offseason, we would like a player to join the league that would give your MyNBA story a distinctive edge. Let’s briefly flashback to 2K12. A third player who would influence the NBA for many years was on the cover of the magazine in addition to Magic and Bird: Michael Jordan.

We’re starting in 1983 with the Magic Vs. Bird Era in MyNBA Eras. This offers you a full year to organise your affairs and be ready for the upcoming 1984 offseason, when you can direct your club to try and select stars like Michael, Akeem, or any other member of the star-studded 1984 draught class.



There’s no need to beat around the bush for the next Era. It would be impossible to have the greatest eras in NBA history without one focused on one of the most prolific players to ever palm a basketball: Michael Jordan.

The Jordan Era puts you right at the beginning of Michael’s dominant run with the Chicago Bulls in 1991, and features threats to Air Jordan’s legacy abound—the tail end of Isiah Thomas’ Bad Boys Pistons, Stockton and Malone, Hakeem’s Rockets, and Ewing’s Knicks. Could MJ have gone for more than a double three-peat? There is only one way to find out!

The other big question of The Jordan Era has to do with the upcoming 1992 Draft, with a particular superstar in Shaquille O’Neal up for grabs. One of the greatest centers to ever play the game, O’Neal, a generational powerhouse, will undoubtedly shake up the NBA wherever he lands.

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