navy Card : Activate Navy Federal Debit Card

navy Card : Activate Navy Federal Debit Card

Navy Federal Credit Union was founded at the end of the Great Depression by 7 Navy Department employees who wanted to help themselves and their co-workers reach their financial goals. They envisioned a credit union that would offer loans with affordable rates and manageable terms. They wanted to encourage building financial security by providing a safe place to deposit savings and earn dividends. So they pooled their money and invited others to join.

Navy Federal Credit Union Activate Card

Debit cards can be easily activated via app, online, or by giving us a call.

Mobile App: Sign in to your Navy Federal mobile app, choose the checking account associated with your debit card and select “manage card”. Under card management choose, “activate card”.

Online Banking: You can sign in to online banking at and select the “account services” tab to activate your card.

Phone: 1-800-531-9561 Activate Debit Card

If your Card is personalized with a name, you must first activate your Card either online at or by phone at 1-866-262-7438. At the time of activation, you’ll be required to select a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If your Card is not personalized with a name, you can change your PIN by clicking “Sign In”. Navy Federal Gift Cards can only be used in the United States. U.S. territories are excluded. You may use your Card as often as you like to obtain goods and services up to the value of the Card. Each time you use your Card, we will deduct the amount of the transaction from the remaining value associated with the Card.

The Card is not re-loadable and cannot be used after its value reaches zero. If you use your Card for more than its available value, you agree to pay us the difference upon demand. It’s recommended checking the balance of your Card before using it. In order to make purchases online or over the phone, the Card must first be registered with your name, address, and phone number.

You may register your Card by visiting Once signed in, click “My Profile” under the “My Settings” drop-down menu to enter your name, address, and phone number. Note: The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. All other fields are optional.

Navy Federal will authorize transactions on available balances except under certain circumstances, such as if the Card is canceled or you attempt to use the Card in the following ways:

  • To obtain cash, except in the event of its cancellation, as described elsewhere in this Agreement.
  • For gambling or any unlawful activity.
  • To make regular, pre-authorized payments to third parties.
  • To obtain cash from automated teller machines (“ATMs”), cash back at the Point of Sale (“POS”), or Teller Cash or Quasi-Cash Transactions.
  • Outside of the United States or in U.S. territories.

You cannot place a “stop payment” on any Card transaction after it has been completed. You agree to hold us harmless for any damages or other liability arising from transactions initiated by you for the purpose of conducting illegal activity. We reserve the right to decline authorization of transactions for activities we believe may violate law or pose significant risk to us or our members.

How can I change my PIN?

If you’d like to set a new PIN, you can do so by going online, by visiting a branch or by calling 1-888-842-6328.

Card Expiration

The underlying funds on your Gift Card expire with the Card. Your Gift Card expiration date is embossed on the front of the Card. You can make purchases using your Card until either you reach the expiration date shown on the Card or you have used the full value of the Card. Gift Cards sold at branches in Arizona are exempt from the expiration of underlying funds and, upon request, may have a replacement Card issued for funds remaining on an expired Card.

How do I use my Navy Federal Contactless Debit Card?

Contactless debit cards are great for speedy transactions like at a coffee shop or when boarding a subway.

Look: Make sure your debit card has a contactless indicator and look for the symbol on the store’s checkout terminal.

Tap: When prompted, bring your card within a few inches of the contactless symbol.

Go: You’ll hear an “okay” beep, see a checkmark or green light, then you can go!

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