Navratri Vrat Katha PDF : Navratri Vrat Katha Book PDF in Hindi

Navratri Vrat Katha PDF : Navratri Vrat Katha Book PDF in Hindi

Humans have countless desires, but they are all written in the fate by the creator, so no matter what they do, they reap the rewards of their deeds because they are in control of their actions. The fruit, on the other hand, is a gift from God. The brahmin became enraged after hearing his daughter’s fearless words in the same way that the Trinaati lying in the fire makes the fire even hotter. Then he married his leprous daughter and, furious, told her to “go – go fast” and “enjoy the fruits of your karma,” which she did. See what happens when you rely solely on good fortune?


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When Sumati overheard her father’s bitter words being said in this manner, she immediately thought: Aha! It’s a damn shame I married someone like that. As a result of this, Sumati and her husband ventured out into the forest, where they spent the night in excruciating pain and dreadful misery. After seeing Sumati’s condition, Bhagwati appeared and began saying to her, “O poor Brahmin! O poor Brahmin!” I am delighted with you, and you may request any favour from me.

As soon as I’m content, I’ll deliver what’s expected of me. As a result of hearing Bhagwati Durga’s words, the brahmin began to ask, “Who are you who are pleased with me, tell me all that and with your grace, bless my poor maidservant. When the goddess overheard the brahmin’s remark, she began proclaiming, “I am Adi Shakti, Brahmavidya, and Saraswati.” Dear brothers and sisters!

Hear what your first birth was like. In a previous life, you were the pious Nishad (Bhil) woman. Your husband Nishad took something from you one day. Both of you were arrested by the soldiers for theft and taken to the jail, where you are currently serving your sentences of hard labour.

You and your husband were not even provided with water. During the Navratras, you abstained from eating or drinking anything. As a result, Navratri fasted for nine days in celebration of the festival. Dear brothers and sisters! Having seen the results of the fast that took place during those days, I am pleased to give you the requested item. Request any kind of favour you’d like.

Navratri Pooja Material List 2021 PDF

  • red ruffled chunri
  • red silk bangles
  • vermilion
  • mango leaves
  • red dress
  • long stick
  • Sunlight
  • Incense stick
  • Matchbox
  • outpost
  • red cloth for the post
  • Coconut
  • Durga Saptashati Book
  • Kalash
  • clean rice
  • kumkum
  • Molly
  • makeup accessories
  • Lamp
  • Ghee / Oil
  • flower
  • Garland
  • Page
  • Betel
  • red flag
  • cloves
  • Cardamom
  • Batache or sugar candy
  • Kapoor
  • Dumplings
  • fruit/sweets
  • image of goddess
  • Kalawa
  • nuts
  • mango wood
  • barley
  • Sunlight
  • five nuts
  • Ghee
  • frankincense
  • Google
  • cloves
  • Kamal Gatta
  • Betel
  • Kapoor
  • Havan Kund

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