Nationsbenefits Member Portal | Your Personalized MyBenefits Portal

Nationsbenefits Member Portal | Your Personalized MyBenefits Portal

The MyBenefits mobile app is an all-in-one solution that offers a unique engagement experience designed to improve health outcomes, decrease healthcare spending, and increase member satisfaction. Download the app and enjoy access to all your member benefits in one place. View detailed benefit information and create a personal health profile to make finding products you often need quick and easy.


The MyBenefits app allows you to filter, sort, and search by category, pricing, wallet, and more. See products in more detail with 360-degree expandable images. You can easily access benefit tracking to see available dollars to spend on plan-approved products to live a healthier lifestyle. All orders are shipped with nationwide 2-day delivery at no additional cost.

MyBenefits Portal on the App Store

Your Personalized MyBenefits Portal

The MyBenefits Portal makes ordering products simple and hassle-free.

You can easily:

  • Search by category, price, and more
  • See product descriptions, images, and related condition information
  • View your spending allowance
  • Order health and wellness products
  • Track your order status in real-time

Additional Benefits

In addition to your OTC benefit, you may qualify for extra benefits. Your benefits are conveniently loaded on your card, so you can shop the same way as you do for OTC products and scan your barcode for instant savings! These extra benefits may include the following:

Healthy Groceries

Once your plan has started, you can use your Benefits Prepaid Card to buy eligible healthy groceries. Eligible products include all food items like fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, pantry staples and much more.

Assistive Devices

You can use your Assistive Devices benefit to purchase assistive and safety devices. Your spending allowance will be added when your benefit starts and must be used by 12/31/23.

Service Dog Support

Once your plan has started, you can use your card to buy eligible items that will help you care for your service dog. Eligible products include Bedding, food, groom supplies, treats and much more.