National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits

National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits

The National Registry is simple and free. It is a way for employees to determine whether there are any unclaimed retirement plan funds that belong to them. Once you have performed a search on the site and found retirement money that belongs to you, they will notify the former Plan Sponsor or Custodian holding your retirement money and email them your new contact information if you provided it. Or, you can contact your former Plan Sponsor or the Custodian holding the funds (for example, PenChecks Trust) and claim your retirement account.

Why Did I Find My Name On This Site?


It means that an individual or organization, such as a former employer or financial institution, registered you on the site as having an unclaimed retirement account. This site is one of many tools employers, benefits administrators and other third parties use when attempting to help former employees locate their funds and to locate retirement plan participants with unclaimed funds.

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How Did You Get My Money?

PenChecks Trust may or may not have your money. In some cases, employers hold on to the funds and register your name on this site in an attempt to locate you. In other cases, employers contract with a third party provider like PenChecks Trust to open a Default/Missing Participant IRA account in your name and serve as the custodian of your account. This protects your investment until you come forward to claim your retirement funds.

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How Do I See If A Former Employer Has Registered Me?

Simply enter your Social Security Number on the search page and search our database for any nationwide matches. If there are any matches you will be shown which Employer or Custodian (a financial institution such as a bank or trust company) is holding retirement money on your behalf. You will then be asked to provide your current contact information if you want.

If you provide your contact information it will help expedite you taking control of your funds (otherwise you will have to make the effort to contact them directly.) This will enable your former Employer or the current Custodian of your IRA to contact you and make arrangements to either pay you your retirement account money or roll it over, whichever option you deem most appropriate for you.

Once you enter your contact information, it will be automatically sent (via email) to the person or organization that registered you in our database, notifying them you are interested in obtaining your retirement benefit. They will then send you a Benefit Election form you can fill out to instruct your former Employer or the current Custodian how you would like to receive your benefit – as a rollover to an IRA or to another Plan that accepts rollovers, a lump sum distribution directly to you, or a combination thereof.

Is There A Risk In Providing My Personal Information?

As with any technology, there is always some risk even if only a slight risk. The NRURB is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust as it relates to the privacy of your Personal Information. Accordingly, we take information security seriously and use certain reasonable security measures to help protect your Personal Information. These measures include but may not be limited to:

  • Maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information.
  • Restricting access to your personal information to employees with a business need to know.
  • Ensuring that any personal information that is shared with third parties as necessary for standard business purposes is shared only as required or allowed by law.
  • Maintaining an information security infrastructure.
  • Use of Tier 4 data centers that are designed to host mission-critical systems, are fault-tolerant and have no single point of failure which allows them to operate continuously.

In addition, National Registry searches are performed using only your Social Security Number – we do not ask for any additional information such as name, address, phone number, or date of birth, which are purely voluntary on your part.

Who Is PenChecks Trust Company of America?

PenChecks Trust is one of the nation’s largest independent retirement plan benefit distribution processing service providers. We offer proven, technology-based, affordable, professional and convenient solutions for Plan Sponsors, Financial Institutions, Registered Investment Advisors, Third-Party Administrators and Employee/Participants.

In 1999 PenChecks Trust pioneered a breakthrough by completing extensive research on how to solve the growing problem of what to do with missing or non-responsive retirement plan participants who have account balances in a retirement plan. By establishing the first Missing Participant and Auto Rollover IRA Program in the U.S., we demonstrated our commitment to developing meaningful solutions that add value to the pension industry, plan sponsors, institutions and, above all, plan participants. Our commitment to continue developing and delivering meaningful and practical solutions continues with the National Registry.

Why Should Employers Use This Service?

The National Registry helps you connect with former retirement plan participants so you can pay them out and minimize your fiduciary liability, and reduce your costs for the remaining participants in your plan. Using the site provides supporting evidence that you are taking appropriate steps to uphold your fiduciary responsibility as a Plan Sponsor as set forth under the DOL FAB 2014-01. When a former plan participant locates money on this site, PenChecks Trust will automatically advise you that a former participant has been located. If the participant provides their new contact information, we will send it to you (via email) so you can make arrangements to pay them out.