Mycigna Activate Card and Login : Steps to Activate the MyCigna Card

Mycigna Activate Card and Login : Steps to Activate the MyCigna Card

Once your receive your MyCigna Card, you must activate it by login on to and entering the card details. When you register for the first time on the myCigna website or app, you’ll be required to provide a primary email address.

“To activate your new MyCigna card, call the card activation unit at 1.866.295.9173 or visit our website at Your activation code is the last four digits of the primary cardholder’s Social Security number”. Activate

Steps to Activate the MyCigna Account

1. Visit the page

2. Enter your First Name

3. Enter your Last Name. Click Next.

4. On the next page, enter  your date of birth.

5. Now enter your home ZIP code.

6. Now enter the appropriate option given below.

I’m the Subscriber on a non-Medicare/Medicaid plan.

– The person who signed up for the plan either through your employer or on your own, through a health exchange.
I’m a Dependent on a non-Medicare/Medicaid plan.
– A child, spouse or domestic partner covered under the subscriber’s plan.
I’m a Cigna Medicare Customer.
I’m a Medicaid Customer.
I want to register for the Employee Assistance Program ONLY
7. Enter your Identity information like Social Security number, Cigna ID number
8. Now enter the remaining details and click Register
9. The account will be activated

Having an email address helps Cigna better protect the information in your myCigna account.

Register your myCigna account for easy secure access to your plan benefits. Download your digital ID card. Manage accounts and claims.

We can send automatic alerts when you update your email or password. Your email address also can be used when you need help recovering your myCigna user ID or password.

Anyone enrolled in or taking part in a Cigna plan is welcome to sign up for free online access to information. Spouses, partners, and children who are covered by a family member’s plan are all welcome to sign up.

What information do I need to register?

Here’s what you’ll need to register.

I’m the subscriber: (the person who signed up for the plan.)

Provide one of the following:-

  • Your Social Security Number.
  • Or, your Cigna ID number or Cigna-HealthSpring ID (found on the front of your ID card).

I’m a dependent: (a child*, spouse, or domestic partner covered under the subscriber’s plan.

Provide one of the following:-

  • Your Cigna ID number and the subscriber’s home ZIP code.
  • Your Cigna-HealthSpring ID.
  • Or, the subscriber’s Social Security Number and home ZIP code.

*Customers under age 13 (and/or their parent/guardian) will not be able to register.


These five simple steps will set you up for success

Step 1: Activate Your myCigna® Account

Stay on top of your health and health care expenses – at and with the myCigna® App.

With a myCigna account, you’ll be able to:

  • Find in-network doctors and care.
  • See what doctor’s visits and procedures may cost ahead of time.
  • Compare doctors and hospitals.
  • Print a temporary ID card (a permanent ID card will be mailed to you).
  • Estimate your drug costs with our Price a Medication tool and get help finding lower-cost medications.
  • Look at your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Step 2: Join the Take Control Rewards Program and Take Your Health Survey

Get rewarded in 2022 for getting healthier with Take Control Rewards.

You can earn up to $275 in points that can be redeemed for a Reloadable Reward Card* to use toward health care costs or choose from merchandise, including fitness products, sporting goods, entertainment options and more. Just complete simple activities to start earning points.

To get started:

  1. Log in to your myCigna account
  2. Go to the Wellness home page and select “Start Earning Rewards”
  3. Complete the Take Control RewardsSM two-minute Health Assessment survey
  4. Start earning points just by completing simple activities, such as getting your $0 annual check-up** or watching informative health videos
  5. Redeem your reward points for funds on a Reloadable Reward Card, which can help make health care costs more affordable or you can choose from gifts and merchandise.

Step 3: Find In-Network Care Options

Stay in-network to save.

No one likes a surprise bill. That’s why staying in-network for care is so important. Just log in to to find a range of in-network primary care providers (PCPs), urgent care centers, hospitals and so much more.

It’s always best to start with your PCP. If your PCP isn’t available, you have more in-network options.

  • Health Information LineSM: Speak with a nurse clinician at no cost; they can help you decide if you should see your doctor, go to an urgent care center or visit another facility.
  • 24/7 virtual care: Speak with a board-certified medical provider or licensed therapist by phone or video chat anytime, day or night; get an appointment in minutes.*
  • Convenience care clinic: Find them in grocery stores and pharmacies ($).
  • Urgent care center: If your condition isn’t life-threatening, you can see a doctor for a sore throat, minor burns, sprains, a fever, the flu and more ($$).
  • Emergency room: ER use is for emergencies, such as critical illness or injury – and you’re covered in-network or out-of-network

Step 4: Set Up a Virtual Care Profile

Connect with a medical provider on your time.

  • Access care from anywhere via video or phone at
  • Get medical virtual care* 24/7/365 – even at night, on weekends and on holidays.
  • Connect with quality board-certified doctors and pediatricians as well as licensed counselors and psychiatrists.
  • Have a prescription sent directly to your local pharmacy, if appropriate.

Step 5: Update Communication Preferences

Enjoy less clutter and more peace of mind.

With paperless, all of your Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) and other health plan documents will be organized securely in one place.

  • Most communications will be sent directly to the email address on file.
  • You’ll receive notifications when health plan documents have been uploaded to your account.
  • Easy access to your account 24/7.

How to File a Claim

Filing a claim is easy. Follow these instructions for filing medical, dental, mental health, and supplemental health claims.
  • Download and print the claim form
  • Complete and mail your completed claim forms to the appropriate office
  • The details and the right claim form will depend on the type of claim

Request an ID Card

Get a Cigna ID card for your medical, dental, or pharmacy plan.

If you lost your Cigna ID card, take a moment to request a new ID card before going to your next doctor’s appointment. Use the information and links below to get the replacement cards you need.

Request a Medical ID card

To request a medical ID card for you or someone else covered by your health plan, please visit the myCigna® website. If you haven’t created an account on myCigna, complete the ID Card Request Form.

Request a Dental ID card

To request a replacement or print a temporary ID card, please visit the myCigna® website. An ID card is not required to receive coverage for dental care but will assist your dentist with verifying your coverage and filing a claim.


Is the Cigna app free?

Download the FREE App today. The Cigna Wellbeing® App* provides the services and tools you need to manage your care, make the right lifestyle choices and even see a doctor** through our Global Telehealth feature.

How to order OTC online from Cigna?

› Enter your information as it appears on your Cigna ID card.

› Create a user name and password.

› Answer your security questions.

› Log in to start shopping, open 24 hours a day.

› Browse the products available to you.

› See your available balance while you shop.

› Track your orders and view order history.

Does Cigna have a rewards program?

Cigna’s Healthy Rewards® Program is available to State Group Health Insurance Plan members whose insurance carrier is Cigna.

Is Cigna only in the US?

Cigna Global Health Options offers: Worldwide including USA, Worldwide excluding USA, we now have Close Care plan, which only covers locally and country of nationality. USA nationals have the option of just local or can pay extra for USA.

How can I use OTC?

Shop in stores—Swipe your OTC card at participating physical retailers including CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Stop & Shop, Walgreens, and Walmart. For a complete list of participating retailers and locations, visit