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How to watch movies anywhere on Smart TV

Have you heard about movies anywhere, a cloud-based digital locker, and a United States service provider for entertainment? The service movie anywhere if founded by “The Walt Disney Company”. And the movies anywhere are a top-ranked streaming platform.

The service is used across the world. The content produced by movies anywhere is from the top-rated film production industry, like Walt Disney studio, Sony pictures, universal pictures, and warner bros.


The movies anywhere home page gives you a full brochure for the latest movies, web series, animated shows, short films, documentary shows, etc.; the major users are from the united states, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and Germany.

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For accessing the full episodes of the movies anywhere content, the subscription is paid one and enjoy the unlimited movies and shows in movies anywhere.

The movies anywhere have expanded their service across various organizations and storefronts, adhering to amazon video, Fandango NOW, Google play movie and tv, Microsoft movies and TV, and Vudu. The service also has some subscribers of Xfinity and Verizon Fios Tv service.


For activating your movies anywhere on your smart tv, just follow this step for activation:

1. To activate any of the channels. First of all, go to the service’s official website, which is, and if you have not created an account in that service.

2. Then open the sign-up option at the top right corner.

3. Then, give the appropriate details asked by the service while filling in the account’s details.

4. Then your movies anywhere will be created; those who already have an account just log in to it.

5. And to do it on a mobile phone, all you need is to open the play store app.

6. Click the search box in the play store app.

7. Search for movies anywhere in that search box.

8. And select the movies anywhere app from the given list of results.

9. Click on the install button.

10. After downloading the app, it is then automatically installed on your device, and once it delivers, “installation completed for fox sports”.

11. Then exit from the play store.

12. And then tap on the movies anywhere app, which is installed on your device.

13. Then just create your user account in the app.

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14. Then click on the login button, then fill in your username and password, and click sign in.

15. After these steps, you just want to ON the smart TV and install the movies anywhere app, then you will get an activation code after opening the in TV.

16. Once you got the activation code, open the app or web browser on the mobile phone. Visit and login into it, and enter the activation code.

17.Enjoy the movies, shows, etc., offered by the service.

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