Moviepass Activate Card : What is MoviePass and how does it work?

Moviepass Activate Card : What is MoviePass and how does it work?

Your MoviePass card will arrive within 10 business days of your sign up and you can activate it on the website Your account will renew one month after your card is activated, whichever comes first.

MoviePass is the only movie theater subscription that lets you see any movie at any theater for one low price. Those who joined the waitlist in August 2022 will receive priority access to test the MoviePass BETA. If you weren’t able to join the waitlist, sign up to receive the latest news about when we expect to open to the public in your city.

You’ll be able to see anywhere from 3-30 movies a month based on your area and the plan you choose.


Subscribers to MoviePass were issued a branded prepaid debit card. Using the MoviePass mobile app, users checked-in at a supported cinema, and selected a film and showtime occurring within the next 30 minutes; the card was automatically loaded with the amount of money needed to purchase a single ticket from the cinema for that film. The user then purchased their ticket as usual, using their MoviePass card as their payment method. Hence, the service was subsidizing the purchase of tickets directly from the cinema by the customer. Some cinemas supported e-tickets through MoviePass. MoviePass said that its service was supported at 91% of U.S. cinemas. One regional dine-in chain, Studio Movie Grill, made an investment in MoviePass, and partnered to pilot features such as food ordering from within the app.

The service went through several pricing structures following its original invite-only launch (including those limited to two or three films per month, and “unlimited” plans, with pricing based on market size), before announcing in August 2017 that it would switch to offering a plan with a single film per day priced at $9.95 per month. The change in business model came with the acquisition of a majority stake in the company by an analytics firm, which sought to widen the service’s reach so it could collect more information on customer viewing habits.

The MoviePass service had several limitations. It could not be used for screenings in specialty formats such as 3D or IMAX. The service also did not support advance purchase of tickets, and only allowed solo purchases. Effective April 2018, a user could only use MoviePass on a particular film once.  As of July 2018, certain screenings had possible additional fees based on demand.

The MoviePass membership card

See More Movies

You will be able to find more movies* – from blockbusters to art house! Standard 2D showings are available now, 3D and large screen formats coming soon.

With America’s largest theater network, you have more than 4,000 theaters to choose from.

New MoviePass

The tiered pricing structure is probably the most noticeable change between MoviePass 1.0 and MoviePass 2.0. In the past, all subscribers paid the same flat rate. MoviePass subscribers may now choose between monthly subscriptions costing $10, $20, or $30.

And that’s not the only modification. You will now receive credits based on your MoviePass tier instead of unlimited access to films as the old rate provided. You have discretion over how your credits are used. The specifics of how these credits will function have not been made public by the firm. For example, the latest blockbuster superhero movie might cost less credits at a matinee than it would on a Friday night.

Moviegoers will now have to plan their spending more carefully, but they will still be able to save money in the long run.