mothers day strike con : Mother’s Day Strike 2022 May 8 Sunday

mothers day strike con : Mother’s Day Strike 2022 May 8 Sunday

Marching is ineffective. Sending vehement letters to the editor accomplishes nothing. Attempting to reason with inactive legislators.


What is always effective is to strike them in the bank.

Beginning On Sunday, May 8, 2022, everyone who will suffer tremendously and may die as a result of right-wing extremists repealing Roe V Wade will simply… stop. Put an end to your shopping. Do not report to work. Avoid any interaction with the economy. Maintain a zero balance on all transactions.

Women and those at risk of unwanted or high-risk pregnancies will not participate in or support a system that has repeatedly demonstrated its lack of regard for us as human beings.

The mission is straightforward: for one week, abstain from work, shopping, and entertainment; and, on the home front, manage a household that would implode without your care.

Throughout the United States, it is frequently logistically impossible for the woman or women of the household to simply stop working. The request is substantial. Sacrifice is required. This endeavour will not be in vain.


Do your grocery shopping, and staples stock-up before the strike commences. Some may be wondering: “well if we’re just buying more before we cease economic activity, what’s the point? You’re throwing off tens of thousands of metrics by stocking up at what would appear to any inventory system as an arbitrary time of the year. This does as much, if not more damage to the fragile ecosystem of supply & demand in our current system of end-stage capitalism.


Word of mouth. Social media. Phone calls. This is how the revolution starts. The more we talk to each other about the reasons for the General Strike, the harder it is to ignore it. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell a news outlet. Tell everyone who will listen that your rights and your body are being violated by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and tell them what you’re going to do about it. You, and hopefully 164 million of your closest friends.


The need is great, and it will always be that way until the patriarchy is completely obliterated. Even when it seems so insignificant, even a dollar or five can be stretched far and wide. Please see the organizations page on this website for trustworthy, vetted organizations whose mission is the care and well-being of those among us who need help in the most dire circumstances. As we progress, the list will grow, so check back whenever you can!


We can’t be all things all the time. Nobody expects that of you, or of anyone, but if you see your friends, family members, or your neighbors struggling during the strike; whether it be with groceries, needing a ride, or simply that they need to borrow or be gifted some cash to tide them over – if you can, don’t hesitate. Don’t make people ask. There is enough internalized capitalism already ingrained in most of us that we’re all ashamed of needing anything from anyone. Be the helper Fred Rogers told us all to look for.

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