Most Expensive Pokemon Card : Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars

Most Expensive Pokemon Card : Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars

We’ve already taken a look at a few of the new Pokémon VSTAR cards and some of the other awesome cards in the upcoming Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars, but this collection has got us so excited that we couldn’t resist exploring some more! Between the powerful VSTAR mechanic and the Trainer Gallery subset that features Pokémon alongside their Trainers, there’s so much cool stuff crammed into Brilliant Stars. Join us for another peek at what you’ll find in this expansion that arrives on February 25, 2022.

Whimsicott VSTAR


Whimsicott looks about as happy as a Pokémon can be as it leaps into action on this Whimsicott VSTAR card. This little Pokémon VSTAR may be small in stature, but with its 250 HP, it can certainly hold its own in battle—even more so when it unleashes its Trick Wind attack, which does a considerable 160 damage while also preventing your opponent from playing any Pokémon Tool or Special Energy cards during their next turn. However, its biggest strength might be its Fluffball Star VSTAR Power. For each Energy card you’ve attached to Whimsicott VSTAR, this attack does 60 damage to one of your opponent’s Pokémon. This could be a good way to knock a troublesome Pokémon looming on your opponent’s bench out of play before any damage is done. Clearly, Fluffball Star is an attractive option for the one VSTAR Power that can be used during a game.

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Umbreon V

As we mentioned above, the Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars expansion features a subset of over 20 cards called the Trainer Gallery. Umbreon V is one such card (note the unique card number that begins with a “TG”). Even though Umbreon normally must evolve from Eevee, Umbreon V can head right into battle because it is a Basic card. This Single Strike Style Pokémon certainly looks ready for action as it stands at attention waiting for instructions from Karen, one of the members of the Johto region’s Elite Four. Umbreon V’s most damaging move is its Moonlight Blade attack, which does 80 damage and will inflict 80 more if Umbreon V has taken any damage.

Umbreon VMAX

If you have the opportunity, you might want to evolve your Umbreon V into Umbreon VMAX, if for no other reason than its amazing artwork. Check out Karen chilling out on a rooftop, lounging alongside her Dynamax Umbreon. Who wouldn’t like to be in her place?

Good vibes aside, Umbreon VMAX is strong in battle. Both it and Umbreon V are reprints of recently released cards (with new artwork, of course) that have proven to be effective in competitive play. This Single Strike Style Pokémon has a Max Darkness attack that does 160 damage (and doesn’t require you to have taken damage like Umbreon V). Also, its Dark Signal Ability lets you switch one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon for their Active Pokémon when you use this card to evolve one of your team; a quick and easy way to disrupt their strategy.

Sylveon V

Gym Leader Valerie appears with her Sylveon on this Rapid Strike Style Sylveon V Trainer Gallery card. The pair seem serene as they relax among the falling blossoms. Maybe it’s the look in Valerie’s eyes or the expression of pure joy on Sylveon’s face, but the affection that these two have for each other is easy to see.

When in battle, Sylveon V may not have the strongest attack, but its Dream Gift Ability helps make up for it. With it, you can search your deck once per turn for an Item card to place in your hand. Just be aware that your turn ends once you use this Ability, so you won’t be able to play that newly acquired Item card until your next turn.

Sylveon VMAX

Sylveon is adorable, but when we see one grow to an incredible size like this Dynamax Sylveon VMAX, it can look fairly intimidating (but still—and we can’t stress this enough—adorable). Just look at Valerie here. On the Sylveon V card, her little Pokémon could climb up on its Trainer’s lap. Now, the Pokémon is big enough that Valerie can ride on its ribbonlike feelers. That’s one cute customer we wouldn’t want to mess with. Even less so after seeing its attack!

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This Rapid Strike Style Pokémon VMAX has a Precious Touch attack that doesn’t do damage to your opponent, but instead lets you attach an Energy card from your hand to a Benched Pokémon and heal 120 damage from that Pokémon. When you do go on the offensive, Sylveon VMAX’s Max Harmony attack rewards you for having a diverse team. The attack does 70 damage on its own, and it will do an additional 30 damage for each different type of Pokémon on your Bench. Like the Umbreon V and Umbreon VMAX cards, both Sylveon and Sylveon V (from a previous expansion with different artwork) have been popular in competitions.


The fearsome Garchomp is looking mighty tough as it shows off its strength by slicing down trees with its wings. That power is reflected in its Dragonblade attack, which hits your opponent’s Active Pokémon for 160 damage. The strength of the attack does come at a price—you’ll have to discard the top two cards of your deck. Garchomp’s Sonic Slip Ability makes up for that by providing a bit of protection when you play it from your hand to evolve one of your Pokémon. When you do so, you prevent all damage from and effects of attacks done to that Pokémon until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

Cynthia’s Ambition

Cynthia, the Sinnoh region Champion, is looking mighty mysterious on this Supporter card. If you’re running low on cards in your hand, Cynthia’s Ambition will give you more to work with—it lets you draw cards until you have five in your hand. If your Pokémon was Knocked Out during your opponent’s last turn, however, you get to draw until you’re holding eight cards. Then the next move is up to you!

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