Mohammed Racim’s 125th birthday : Google Honour Mohammed Racim with a Doodle

Mohammed Racim’s 125th birthday :

Today’s Doodle celebrates the 125th birthday of Algerian educator and painter Mohammed Racim. Often considered among the first painters in Algeria, Racim fused traditional Persian and Mughal painting techniques to reinvigorate Maghrebi cultural customs and redefine the global perspective of the Arab world through art.

Mohammed Racim's 125th birthday

On this day in 1896, Mohammed Racim was born into a family of distinguished artisans in Algiers, Algeria, then a French colony. He began working in a colonial drawing office at 14 , where he copied the designs of carpets, Arab embroideries, copper ornaments, and wood sculptures. Each of these disciplines influenced his craft, but it was Racim’s introduction to Persian miniatures, an ancient form of literary illustration, that formed the foundation of his oeuvre.

In 1914, he met French Orientalist painter Nasreddine Dinet, who later commissioned Racim to embellish one of his books with original illustrations. Throughout the decades that followed, Racim continued to express his talent through vibrant miniatures. “The Rais,” his 1931 painting of a 17th-century Algerian captain that measures less than one square foot, serves as just one example of Racim’s art that helped revitalize Algerian pride, which was instrumental in the North African country’s independence movement.

Racim’s contributions, including pioneering the Algerian School of Miniature, were recognized at the national level in 1933 when he became the first Algerian recipient of the Grand Artistic Prize of Algeria. Today, much of Racim’s personal collection is displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers.

There’s nothing miniature about your impact on the world of art, Mohammed Racim. Happy birthday!