Mogstation Redeem Code 2022 July: How do I redeem a code on Mog Station steam?

Mogstation Redeem Code 2022 July: How do I redeem a code on Mog Station steam?

Follow the steps below to create a SQUARE ENIX account:


1. Please go to SQUARE ENIX Account Registration Page:

2. Fill in all required fields. (Please note that you cannot change your country or region after registration has completed.) If you made a PlayOnline account and wish to transfer it to your SQUARE ENIX account, the regions for both accounts must match.
3. Enter the email address for temporary registration.

4. Read the User Agreement (clicking ‘Next’ means you accept the terms of the User Agreement).

Once you click the ‘Next’ button, an email will be sent out with a URL to complete the registration. Go to the URL included in the email and follow the instructions to create a SQUARE ENIX account. Once the registration is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Mogstation Redeem Code 2022:

Use this code in the mog station to get free items

Recruiting Code: A764AA6T

Recruiting Code: TCEAQ8W9

[Recruiting] [Code: C8QT9RK6]

[Recruiting] [Code: C588BHK8]

[Recruiting] [Code: NZD7R5C2]

[Recruiting] [Code: 79BZJVEP]

[Recruiting] [Code: QHRBJQ57]

[Recruiting] [Code: BWNVECAY]

[Recruiting] [Code: ZKKG9G4G ]

[Recruiting] [Code: JX4PJ4WM]

[Recruiting] [Code: MXR69FCT]

[Recruiting] [Code: 4YDNRXZC]

[Recruiting] [Code: JZS9HGNM]

[Recruiting] [Code: 9CGXUE4K]

[Recruiting] [Code: EJM99ZXZ]

[Recruiting] [Code: 6ATGTXE9]

[Recruiting] [Code: 52AHTNV4]

[Recruiting] [Code: H7DMAT4A ]

[Recruiting] [Code: 43KFCW4A]

[Recruiting] [Code: ZT8R3PZZ]

[Recruiting] [Code: FS7DSWVQ]

[Recruiting] [Code: Q5T2KAPP]

[Recruiting] [Code: 4NHHTTVR

[Recruiting] [Code: HUCEP9YR]

[Recruiting] [Code: 4FMTJPMJ ]

Where to redeem Mogstation codes?

Please follow the steps below to redeem a gift code:
 1) Log into the Mog Station ( with the SQUARE ENIX Account that you use to play FINAL FANTASY XIV.
* If you possess multiple service accounts, you will be taken to the service account selection screen. Please carefully navigate through the tabs and select the correct service account you intend to register the gift code to, then select “Use This Service Account.”
2) Under “Registration Codes” select “Enter Item Code.”
3) Follow the on-screen instructions to register the gift code.


Please ensure you select the appropriate service account and character as the recipient of the items.

How can I obtain a security token?

You can obtain a SQUARE ENIX Security Token via the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System ( Please follow the directions below:
 1) Log into the intended SQUARE ENIX account.
 2) Under “Services and Options,” click on “One-Time Password.”
 3) Choose a Key Ring type token or a Software Token based on your preference.
Choosing the Security Token, or “key ring type” token, will begin the ordering process. A Key Ring type token is $14.99 USD.
Choosing the Software Token, or “smartphone application” token, will allow you to choose the app link for the Android or iOS device you own. This will then begin the registration process for the software token. The Software Token app is available for free on your device’s respective app store labeled “SQUARE ENIX Software Token.”

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