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Mission Lane LLC is a new company dedicated to helping everyone have access to fair and clear credit. We believe in creating a relationship where everybody wins. You do well when you succeed with our credit cards. We do well when you prosper. It’s that simple.


Mission Lane is based in the U.S.—with offices in Richmond, Virginia & San Francisco, California—and we’re here to provide you with the best-in-class service you deserve.

So when you want straightforward and honest credit cards, know that we have years of experience, and the high customer ratings to back it up.

What are the Rates/Fees for Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card?

The following fees apply to Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card:

Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Fees
Fees Amount
Annual Fee Starting at $0 up to $75
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Returned Payment Fee up to $35
Late Payment Fee up to $35

Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card does not offer an introductory rate on new purchases.



Once you are approved for a Mission Lane card you must activate before use.

Simply head on over to www.missionlane.com/activate to start the process.

When activating your card please have the card number on hand along with a valid email address.

You must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to apply for the card.

MissionLane.com/Activate Customer Service

You can reach out to Mission Lane at www.missionlane.com/contact-us or mail them at…

Payment Address Mission Lane LLC PO Box 4517 Carol Stream, IL 60197-4517.

Pros and Cons of Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card


  • Clear pricing & no hidden fees.
  • Instant credit decision.
  • Higher credit lines over time.
  • Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus


  • High-interest rates.
  • Annual fee of up to $75.
  • Higher than average purchase APRs.
  • It does not offer a signup bonus.
  • It does not offer rewards or cashback.
  • Charges a foreign transaction fee of 3%.


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