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Memories and HeavenAddress have joined forces to help keep your memories online for future generations.

Who is Memories?

Memories has helped hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe remember loved ones with online memorials. We have recently merged with HeavenAddress to provide a next generation experience with a modern, user friendly platform and mobile app to HeavenAddress customers.

View Your Memorial Page on Memories

If you had a memorial page on HeavenAddress, you can now view this on the new and improved Memories platform. To view this, you can reset your password when you go to login by clicking below. Simply click “forgot password” and enter your email to update your password and access your memorial on Memories.

Benefits of Memories

Modern visual Timelines

Create a personalised, chronological Timeline of your loved ones life.

Secure and safely stored

Industry-standard SSL encryption with all content backed up on Amazon Web Services and moderated by WebPurify.

Memories at your fingertips

Download our app on your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Collate your loved ones story on a visual Timeline

Share, collaborate and remember milestones.

  • Photo galleries
  • Up to 1GB videos
  • Ordered by date & location

Send Future Messages

  • Send messages to loved ones weeks, months and years into the future. It’s your modern-day time capsule.Record with photos, videos or text
  • Schedule the message into the future
  • Delivered via SMS & email

Will it cost me anything to have my memorial on Memories?

On Memories you can access both the app and web with up to 1GB of photos and videos for free. You can also access any of our premium packages with pricing found below.


How do I access the app?

Click here to reset your password. You can download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play by typing “memories” in the app store or Google Play.

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