Masher BADGE 2K23 : NBA 2k23 Masher Badge Details

Masher BADGE 2K23 : NBA 2k23 Masher Badge Details

Activating the Masher badge 2K23 requires you to be either 3 or 4 inches taller than the person contesting you. There is a chart in the video on this page this shows this break down. This height differential required makes Masher much less appealing as you should already be hitting layups pretty easily if you are 4 inches taller than the person contesting you.

Masher Test Results

To test masher we took 200 contested layups against a defender 4 inches taller at each badge level. The results make the badge look pretty good but the activation requirements make it not very usable.

NBA 2K23 Locker Codes:

Date Released: 1/7/23

Locker Codes:



  • Flash Forward Pack
  • Deluxe Badge Pack

Expiration Date: 1/8/23

Badge Unlock Table Details

This table shows how many attribute points you need in order to unlock a badge at the level in the header. If a badge is a Tier 1 badge you do not need any attributes in order to unlock the badge at a bronze level. If its Tier 2 or 3, you will need to meet the attribute threshold to unlock the badge. If there is more than one attribute listed, you only need to meet the threshold on one of the attributes, not multiple.


Badge Loadouts Explained

Badge Loadouts are simply a collection / set of NBA 2K23 Badges for your MyPLAYER that can be customized and saved so that you can quickly switch between different sets of badges. More options = better.

Badge Loadout Tips

Badge Loadouts come in handy in a variety of ways – here are some tips for how you can use different badge loadouts:

  • You can have a Rec / Pro-Am version, City, or MyCAREER version of badges
  • You can change loadouts based on who your teammates are
  • You can change loadouts to experiment with different sets for upcoming games without messing up your default badge loadout
  • You can change loadouts to improve the grind for badge points or core badges

How to Change & Rename Badge Loadouts

  • To add new badges for a new loadout, go to MyCAREER > Progression > Badges > then press Right Stick to the right to change between loadouts.
  • To rename your badge loadout, click RS in
  • To change your badge loadout before a City game, hit Dpad Down, then RT or R2 / LT or L2 to change between loadouts

How do we find the Best Jumpers in NBA 2k23

Here at NBA2KLab we have been testing various aspects of the NBA2K franchise since 2K17. We do repetitive actions and limit all outside variables that could affect the subject of our test. We have a lot of free data from badge tests, attribute tests, build tools, etc. In order to keep the site alive, we introduced a premium side of the site where we do all of our jumpshot testing.

What does NBA2KLab Premium tell me about the Best Custom Jumper on 2k23 for my build?

We have a few different pages on our premium side of the site. The first one being our classic Custom Jumper Data page. This was the first type of premium content we have where we do our main jumper testing to show the best jumpshots in NBA2K23.

How To Get Better At Shooting in 2k

We have jumpshot charts on this page showing the make percentage from our tests for each millisecond tested. We are trying to make the best way to practice jumpshots in NBA2K23 without being on your console. Just click on a jumpshot in the table and the graph will populate. This creates a nice bell curve showing the full green window of a shot.

Some shots have a better make percentage when slightly later while some have a better make percentage when slightly earlier. This will also give you the option to get a feel for the jumper timing on the fastest release blend speed (which we always recommend to do) Use a controller via bluetooth or plugged into your pc to test the jumper you selected. We will record the results and show how often you are timing your shot well. This will help show your consistency when getting in the green window