Macy’s Gift Card Balance Check Online

Macy’s Gift Card Balance Check Online

 To check your Macy’s gift card balance online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Macy’s Website:
  2. Enter Card Details:
    • Type in your 15-digit gift card number in the provided field.
    • Enter the three- or four-digit CID number (you can find it on the back of the card).
  3. Solve the Captcha and View Balance:
    • Complete the captcha (if prompted).
    • Click on “View Balance.”

That’s it! You’ll see the remaining balance on your Macy’s gift card. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

How do I redeem my Macy’s rewards?

To redeem your Macy’s rewards, follow these steps:

  1. Sign In to Your Macy’s Account:

    • Visit the Macy’s website.
    • Click on “Sign In” at the top right corner.
    • Log in using your Macy’s account credentials.
  2. Navigate to Your Wallet:

    • Once logged in, hover over your account name (usually your first name) at the top right corner.
    • Select “Wallet” from the dropdown menu.
  3. View Your Rewards:

    • In your Wallet, you’ll see a section for “Rewards.”
    • Here, you can view your available rewards, including any earned through Macy’s Star Rewards program.
  4. Redeem Your Rewards:

    • Click on the reward you want to redeem.
    • Follow the prompts to apply the reward to your purchase during checkout.

Remember that Macy’s rewards may have expiration dates, so be sure to use them before they expire.

Macy’s gift card balance online

How do I earn more rewards at Macy’s?

To earn more rewards at Macy’s, you can take advantage of their Star Rewards program. Here are some strategies to maximize your rewards:

1. Macy’s Star Rewards Program:

    • Macy’s offers a loyalty program called Star Rewards, where members earn rewards on every purchase (except Gift Cards, services, and fees).
    • You are automatically enrolled as a Silver member when you open a Macy’s Credit Card (subject to credit approval). If you already have a Macy’s Card, you’re already a Star Rewards member!
    • Even if you don’t have a Macy’s Credit Card, you can enroll as a Bronze member in-store or online and enjoy perks as well.

2. Membership Levels and Benefits:

  • The rewards you earn depend on your membership level:
      • Platinum ($1,200+ annual purchases):
        • 5% back in rewards (5 points for every $1 spent).
        • Free standard shipping (no minimum).
        • 25% off any day with Star Passes.
        • Birthday surprise and personalized perks.
      • Gold ($500-$1,199 annual purchases):
        • 3% back in rewards (3 points for every $1 spent).
        • Free standard shipping.
        • Star Passes for extra savings.
        • Birthday surprise.
      • Silver ($1-$499 annual purchases):
        • 2% back in rewards (2 points for every $1 spent).
        • Free standard shipping.
        • Birthday surprise.
      • Bronze (Pay any way you want):
        • 1% back in rewards (1 point for every $1 spent).
        • Birthday surprise.

3. Additional Strategies:

    • Shop at Macy’s: Before buying from another store, check if Macy’s offers the item at a competitive price.
    • Pay Off Your Balance: If you have a Macy’s Credit Card, pay off the balance every month to avoid interest charges.
    • Stack Rewards: Combine Macy’s discounts with cashback offers (such as Rakuten) to maximize savings on your Macy’s purchases.

Remember to explore Macy’s promotions, Star Money Bonus Days, and other special events to earn even more rewards! 😊

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