Mac OS Ventura Release Date : macOS Ventura Preview – Apple

Mac OS Ventura Release Date : macOS Ventura Preview – Apple

macOS Ventura makes the things you do most on Mac even better, with powerful new ways to get more done, share and collaborate in your favourite apps, immerse yourself in next‑level games and take full advantage of your other devices.

Mac OS Ventura Release : Coming this October


SharePlay via Messages

Watch the latest episode of your favourite show or listen to a new song with friends while chatting about it in Messages. Shared playback controls ensure that you’re always synced up.

Richer collaboration

Share notes, presentations, reminders, Safari Tab Groups and more in Messages to start collaborating instantly. See updates on shared projects in the thread and easily get in touch with your collaborators right from the app you’re working in.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Share photos and videos seamlessly with up to five other people, so everyone can collaborate on the family’s collection and enjoy more complete memories. With iCloud Shared Photo Library, family memories are in one place for everyone to enjoy at any time, even if you’re not the one who snapped the shot or edited the photo.

Smart ways to share

Choose what to include based on a start date or the people in the photos. Once the Shared Photo Library is set up, you can share photos manually or get smart suggestions for adding photos to the shared library in a new For Your Shared Library sidebar item.

Edits and changes sync everywhere

Everyone has equal permissions for adding, editing and deleting photos in the shared library. Favourites, captions and keywords sync too, so if one person organises the collection, everyone benefits.

Introducing Stage Manager

Stage Manager automatically organises your apps and windows in a single view on any Mac, so you can stay focused while easily moving between tasks.

Switch between apps

Switch between apps and windows seamlessly with a simple click. Or click anywhere on your desktop to quickly get back to a file or folder.

Create your ideal workspace

Make different groups of apps for specific tasks or projects. And arrange, resize and overlap them in your ideal layout.

Handoff comes to FaceTime

Move a FaceTime call from one device to another with just a click. So you’ll always be able to join a call from the right device.

Use iPhone as your webcam

Use the powerful camera system of iPhone with your Mac to do things never before possible with a webcam. Simply bring iPhone close to your Mac and it automatically switches to iPhone as the camera input. And it works wirelessly, so there’s nothing to plug in.

Centre Stage

Using the Ultra Wide camera on iPhone, Centre Stage is now available on any Mac. So you can stay centred in the camera frame during video calls or meetings even as you move around.

Play together with SharePlay

SharePlay makes it simple to join and play games together. During a multiplayer game that uses Game Center, you can start a SharePlay session and easily bring in your friends.

Redesigned Game Center dashboard

See what your friends are playing, view their achievements and find out when they beat your high score, so you can go beat theirs.

Collaborate in real time

Invite collaborators, share a link and start working together instantly. As others add their thoughts, you can see changes on the canvas in real time.

Redesigned look and feel

A new sidebar design in System Settings — instantly familiar to iPhone and iPad users — makes it easier than ever to navigate settings and configure your Mac.

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